Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the new baby

so, tomorrow i will be 34 weeks along. i realize what this means. when emmy was born she was two and a half weeks early, meaning i had her at 37 and a half weeks. if this baby comes as early it could be in three weeks! what?! three weeks!!! i'm not ready! well, i'm really not that unprepared. i don't have a stock pile of diapers or bottles or formula, but i do have a crib and some clothes. doesn't sound like much though, now, does it? i've got to get to the store and buy the bottles that i want. i have a very specific taste, so i need to be the one to get them. i also need to go to the WIC people and start the process of getting the baby on that when it (she) is born. formula is so expensive, but WIC has switched from enfamil to similac and the store brands are a lot closer to similac than enfamil so when i need to buy some i won't be so hesitant. the doctors say that you shouldn't switch a baby's formula once you've started with one, so i never liked getting the store brands because they were so different from enfamil, but now it'll all be okay. anyway, i need to start making a list of all the things that i will need for the baby and just buy stuff here and there so i'm not dumping a huge chunk of money at one time. maybe that way it won't seem like so much. must remember pacifiers!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the keys debacle

so, derek and i have a system when we drive home at night. when we get to our complex he pulls into the parking lot in front of the main building and goes to check the mail using my keys so that we don't have to turn off the car. he asked me for my keys and i was frantically searching for them in all the pockets in my bag, but came to the conclusion that one of the kids probably took them out of my bag and didn't put them back. emmy has a real fascination with taking stuff out of the pockets of my bag. so, using my husband's cell phone, i called my mother in law, whose house i had been at, but she didn't answer. then i called my sister in law who is visiting and told her that i had lost my keys because probably one of my kids had taken them out. she asked me to describe them, so i did. she said they would see if they could find them. then my mother in law buzzed in. while i switched over to her derek looks at the keys in the ignition and says "um, ruth, these are your keys." then my mother in law asks what i needed. i tell her that i'm an idiot and to please tell crystal to stop looking for my keys. my mil laughed at me and we hung up. it was really funny. derek especially liked how i was looking in every pocket in the diaper bag desparately trying to find what wasn't lost.

Friday, July 11, 2008


so i've had my niece chelsea over the last two afternoons. it's been nice because my kids like playing with her. she's a pretty good kid and not very loud, so she doesn't add much to the madness that is my kids when people come to visit. they go crazy when other people are around. chelsea's mom and siblings are coming today, so that will be nice to see them, too. i hope that they can come over to play one of the days that they are visiting. i want to play games with someone and the other game players are not in town. well, i'm the one who moved away, but now i have no one to play with until i become closer to the people in my ward.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


so, i know it's been a while since i last blogged, but since i'm sure nobody reads this anyway, i guess it doesn't matter much. so we got all moved, but are still unpacking stuff. yesterday was independence day and i was with my mom for most of it. while i was at her house we watched a kids show called "yo gabba gabba!" this show is awesome! dj lance has five toys that come to life and learn about stuff, in case you've never seen it and don't know what the heck i'm talking about. one time i saw the show and elijah wood was the dancey-dance instructor. i guess they always get a new one in every episode. yesterday i saw the two people from sugarland on there as the dancey-dance instructors. they show up and say their names and the guy is wearing a cowboy hat. i assume that they are married because i don't know of many country music duos who are not. later, when i was telling derek about it he asked me why i thought that they were married and i started to tell him this, but all that came out was that the guy had a cowboy hat on. now derek thinks that i think if a man has a cowboy hat on his head the closest female is his wife. derek also pointed out that there are other country groups that aren't married, like big and rich, or brooks and dunn, or montgomery gentry. i said that since there are no homosexual country singers, i can assume that a two man duo will not be married to eachother, no matter how many cowboy hats are involved. so, back to "yo gabba gabba", after sugerland they had this segment on seeing how biz is feeling today. they showed biz and i thought he looked like a rapper. as soon as i heard him speak i popped up and said "that's biz markie!" my mom had no idea what i was talking about so i had to explain that biz markie was big in the rap world and that he had recorded one song that i knew of and that emily and i loved that song. emily is my sister in law, in this story. i just don't know why derek doesn't like this show. my kids just love it.