Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peppermints in the Christmas Tree

Remember when I made checkers for my checkerboard?  No?  Huh, maybe I haven't told you all about that yet.  Well, anyway, today I'm gonna talk about how I used the left over wooden circles. 

I had 13 and I painted them all white. 
 You can see my plans that I made before I started, along with part of a grocery list and some math I had been doing.

Then I drew pen on them to guide me to paint the red stripes.  They looked good enough to eat.  I decoupaged them for a little shine and to seal them. 

I got Derek to drill tiny holes in each one. 

I cut ribbon and burned the edges before putting it through the hole in each peppermint. 
Here are a couple on the tree.

I thought they turned out pretty good.  I know the pictures aren't great, but my flash was a bit too bright I think.  It always happens when I take a picture of something white, but I don't know enough about what I'm doing to adjust the flash. 

Like my tree?  I can't have any ornaments near the bottom because our cat, Penelope, likes to mess with them.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is the Season, Beloved of the Year

We are getting into the Christmas spirit at our house.  We've put up the Christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments.  I want to make some ornaments that look like peppermints this year.  I need to find little wooden disks to paint.  In my mind they look really cute. 
We had a nice Thanksgiving this year.  We went to Derek's parents' house.  We took 4 pies.  I was told to bring that many because of how many people were coming.  I kept getting confused because when my mother-in-law would list off the people coming there would be a certain amount, but then she would give me a different number.  Lo, and behold, there were three surprise guests.  Some of our Utah relatives showed up, so that was really cool.