Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Bird with a Yellow Bill

Emmy was helping me clean out the car today. We went inside when we were done, but I had forgotten to take all the loose change out of the cup holder. When I went back out to get it I saw a bird sitting very still on the rocks next to the sidewalk. I was surprised it hadn't flown off. On my way back to my apartment it still didn't budge. I got a piece of bread, the camera, and Emmy and went back outside. It didn't eat any of the bread, but it still didn't fly away. I let Emmy pet it after I did. I even picked it up. I've never seen a bird do that. Finally the bird hopped away and we went back inside.

That's my hand in the picture. I thought it would be cool for Emmy to see some nature up close, but I was pretty wary of her getting too close.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Poem Written For Me! by Logan (my nephew)

there once was a aunt named ruth
who once kissed a man in a kissing booth
then when they kissed
she tryed to slap him and missed
but at the end just lost a tooth

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Need Good Project Ideas

i feel the need to get crafty again. i'm just itching to do something fun. the problem is i don't know what to do. i've seen a lot of good projects that other people have done lately and i think maybe i've seen too many good ones. maybe i'll do all of them and give them out as christmas gifts this year. that sounds like a good idea. if you see any good (cheap) projects send me a link!

Monday, May 16, 2011


why do companies use over seas phone centers? really? is it so hard to hire people from our own country? the other day Derek was talking to a person with an Indian accent. he always turns the phone up so loud i can hear the other person. this lady could not understand Derek when he gave his name and address. i don't even know how many times he tried to spell our last name. after the third time he said she had too many O's i started to giggle uncontrollably. she couldn't even understand our street name. we live on "such and such" parkway. she kept saying archway. i was dying! of course Derek is trying to keep his composure while on the phone. eventually there was something that he needed to talk to someone else for. he got a man on the phone and this guy had an american accent. Derek made sure this guy had the right address, but he thought the lady had finally gotten his name right, so he didn't ask about that. he even used communications codewords (alfa, bravo, charlie). today the package we were waiting for arrived and it was addressed to Tootrin Derec. the address was correct. so, my thing is, maybe they don't have parkways in India. maybe she didn't know that word. obviously she's not familiar with words like Lima, or Charlie.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May is Upon Us

i still can't believe that it is already May. this year seems to be going by so fast. andy only has a few more weeks of school until summer vacation. i think his last day is June 3rd or something like that. one of my sisters is coming to visit for memorial day weekend. i think she's bringing all three of her kids. i'm looking forward to her visit. we like to play games when we get together.

andy gave me a mother's day gift already. he made a plate

and a card

in school and gave it to me yesterday. so cute. it was a great gift.