Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Too Early

What is an acceptable time to start installing new carpet in an apartment above somebody? This morning I was waked up by banging and booming sounds. I thought whatever they were dropping on the floor up there was gonna come down through my ceiling. Then there was just an awful lot of hammering. I couldn't figure out what they might be doing. Derek somehow figured out that they were laying new carpet. That makes sense, but did they have to start so early? This was maybe 8am. Couldn't they have waited till 10am? Maybe I just wanted to sleep in since I had a restless night and all. Andrew wasn't feeling very well yesterday. He had a fever and wanted to be near us. I slept on the couch so he could sleep next to Derek in my bed. Yesterday Emmy went swimming and went to a movie. She saw "Rio" and seemed to like it. Andrew didn't get to do either of those since he was feeling sick. He was pretty bummed. He did get some licorice, though. We always sneak snacks into the theater, and even though Andrew didn't go, he still got a snack. We stayed home and watched Star Wars. He picked it. It makes me so proud to see his good sense.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, I guess I've been slacking. I haven't posted in a couple weeks. Well, I had a birthday this past Monday. I got great presents. My mom got me the first two Narnia movies and helped my kids get me "the Singles 2nd Ward". All very good. My sister-in-law Heather got me the book Emma, which I've been wanting to own since I borrowed it from someone else. My mother-in-law gave me the next two books in a series that I've been reading. They're the Culinary Mysteries: Lemon Tart, English Trifle, and Devil's Food Cake. I'd gotten the lemon one before and liked it so she got me the others. There's two more after those, so I look forward to that. We went to Derek's parents' house on my birthday and played cards. It was fun. Unfortunately, I've been battling a cough and so have the kids. Emmy didn't come that night because she wasn't feeling well at all and stayed with my mom. She's a nurse, so there's no one I'd feel more comfortable leaving a sick child with. Yeah, that's right, I ended that sentence with a preposition! Whatcha gonna do about it?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The "Tea" Party

What could be better than a nice lunch?

A nice lunch with good company.

My niece Kyah had lunch with Emmy and me. We had cucumber and cheese sandwiches, various berries, salad, and pudding for dessert. A very fun time was had by all. Derek took Andrew and our nephew Charles fishing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer is (almost) Starting!

Andy's last day of school is tomorrow. The two very best days of school are the first one and the last one. I don't think he quite realizes that he'll be done with school for the whole summer. Emmy's birthday is this Saturday and a friend of hers is having a birthday party that day. This year Emmy finally gets to go to this girl's party because Emmy isn't having a party. Their birthdays are so close that every year their parties have been on the same day. Emmy will be having a birthday dinner this Sunday at Nana and Grampa's house. She's very excited. My brother EJ is coming to visit for a couple of days. We're looking forward to that. As of now he's still driving. He's bringing his girlfriend so we'll get to meet her. I don't know anything about her, and I have no idea what's been told her about me. Lately there's been a lot of visiting going on. One of my sisters was here this past weekend with her three kids. Last night two of my nieces and nephews came to town for a month long visit. They are staying with Nana and Grandpa, so we'll see them frequently. I'm not going anywhere till August when I go on vacation to Indiana. Two of my siblings live there and most of my family will be there for a family reunion. The kids and I are really looking forward to it. As of now, Derek will not be going with us. It's been a few years since he's come to a reunion with me. Once I went to his family's reunion without him. It's not that he doesn't want to go, it's just that it never seems to work out. Secretly I think he thinks we're all a bunch of weirdos. Well, maybe it's not so secret. Anyway, that's my update for now. We're enjoying the niece and nephew, ages 10 and 9. Maybe I should take pictures of fun things so their parents can see them. I'm sure their being greatly missed.