Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Feel Emmy's Pain

i got a copy of emmy's immunization record. the lady behind the desk at the health and human services building showed me where the shots she still needs were listed. emmy started crying when i told her that she needed shots. she's got a well check appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks. i'm hoping they'll do it that day. i don't believe in lying to my kids about hard things. i told her she needed some shots and that it would be okay. it just makes me tear up when i see her crying over something like this.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can You Catch a Leprechaun?

think this would catch a leprechaun? i guess we'll see. this is the trap that Andy took to school today. i never heard of setting leprechaun traps 'til i came out here to nevada. the pieces of gold are really just yellow buttons, but that's all i had. the rest is just cardboard, paper, tongue depressors, and of course a little bit of rick rack.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Andy's Teeth

andy just lost his first teeth. the front two bottom teeth just came out. i'm pretty sure those were the first two teeth he got. we are so happy for him. he's growing up. we could see the new teeth popping up through his gums so we figured we'd better help him get the baby teeth out. we've got them in a plastic baggie now and i guess i'll put them in his baby book. i don't know if we'll keep all his teeth. my mom was like that and derek's parents are like that. we'll see how it goes. andy's birthday is coming up soon. this year we'll just have a family party. andy is turning 6. he's doing well in kindergarten. his teacher's all love him and he gets pretty good grades. this summer emmy will turn 5 and then she'll start kindergarten. it's so neat seeing them grow up and become responsible people.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Down The Brae

this is my uncle. i like to go to youtube and watch his videos. his name on there is speilbox. you should all check it out.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Never Would Have Used that Combination

i went to a dinner tonight and there was this salad that thought i would hate. spinach and strawberries with some kind of dressing already on it. has anybody ever had this before? i actually really liked it. i want to know what kind of dressing it had one it. i don't know who made it so i'm gonna have to ask around on sunday when i see those ladies again. i don't normally like sweet fruits in my salads (mandarin oranges), but i was pleasantly surprised with the strawberries. i had to have two helpings of the salad.