Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Plans

i'm looking forward to memorial day. we are gonna picnic at a park. i want to play croquet. emmy is gonna wear her sqeaky sandals. every step she takes they make a squeak. i told her she is not allowed to wear them to church and she seems okay with that.

last night we had my newly 12 year old niece babysit the kids for us. it was the first time we had her babysit the kids. seems like it all went okay. emmy's shell anklet broke again, so she called and talked to me while i was out. when i came home i reworked it. emmy was so happy. andrew wants one now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back Home

we made it back home safely last night. we had a fun, very quick, trip. we only made it to spanish fork and woods cross. i would have liked to go up to logan if i'd had more time and visit some more relatives. i had fun with my sisters. we played games and talked. i got to see an old friend, amber, that i hadn't seen in about 6 years or so. she came to emma's house to see me. it was really nice to see her, and to meet her friend whose comments i see regularly on facebook. amber has an etsy shop called "orange you happy" where she sells the jewelry she makes. sometimes i think that i would like to open an etsy shop, but i don't make enough things to sell. plus i never think that my stuff is any good for anyone besides me. meaning, only i would settle for it. anyway, it was nice to see amber. we figured out that the last time we would have seen eachother was at a wedding back in '04. i tried to see my friend kristen, but she happened to go on vacation just that weekend. anyway, we had fun. can't wait to do it again! that is, if i don't have to do all the driving. i tried to get my mom to drive, but emmy wanted gram to sit next to her.

Friday, May 21, 2010

At Naomi's House

we're in utah. we made it safely. i did all the driving and mom kept the kids entertained. today we are spending the day with naomi and her family. her daughter graduated from kindergarten today. we got to go and see that. it was really neat and andrew enjoyed seeing the school. naomi is going through chloe's old clothes with emmy to see which ones she wants, so i'd better go and help. later!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Trip

i'm leaving for my trip to utah on thursday. i'm not gonna be able to visit all the people i wanted to. my mom is coming with me and the kids to visit two of my sisters. they live about an hour apart from eachother, so we can see them both fairly easily. one of my nieces is graduating from kindergarten, so we will get to see that.

i think it will be good for andy to see some school stuff since he'll be starting kindergarten this fall. he hasn't really had any school experience except for a few performances by his cousins, like plays or recitals. andrew never went to preschool. we didn't feel it was necessary. we've worked with him on knowing his colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. he can write an A very well. we are still working on the rest of his name. just yesterday he wrote ANDY. the A was great, the N was way too tall, and D looked like a triangle, and the Y looked like an X. he's getting there. we've got plenty of time. i think the only thing he would have gained from preschool would be social skills. he does learn social skills at church on sundays. his class has several kids his age and he gets along well with them. at least, that's what i hear. i know that when there have been problems in the past i've heard about them.

so, back to my visitin' plans. i think we are going to have a lot of fun. my one sister is looking forward to playing games, and she's promised to make scones. it's been a long time since i had any of those. whenever i'm at her house we have fun laughing and talking. my other sister is a really good story teller, so i'm looking forward to talking with her. plus, all my nieces and nephews are way cool. can't wait to see them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Andrew,

when you are older and want to take a girl to prom i will be excited. i'll be happy for you when she accepts your invitation. however, if on the night of the prom your date is dressed like a skank, you will not be going.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Word Day

hake: it's a type of fish. this will be very useful in boggle. i was skimming throught the dictionary after learning the defintion of another word and stumbled upon hake. i'd never heard of it before, but now i can used it in word games.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Emmy Likes Fantasy Movies

wow, it's been a while since i posted last. nothing really exciting has happened lately. we had a couple of yard sales. made some money to go to utah with. haven't gone yet. we'll go in a couple of weeks. my mom is gonna go with me and the kids. it'll make the trip easier.

you know those "lord of the rings" movies? emmy loves them. she wants to watch them all the time. i think the thing she likes best about them is gollum. she thinks he's a frog. we have the hobbit cartoons from back in the day and in those gollum kinda looks like a frog. i keep telling her that he's a man like the hobbits. of course hobbits aren't men, but she's three, so it's a little too complicated to explain to her. i enjoy the movies, which is why i was watching them. i really didn't think that the kids would like them so much. i mean, there are some scary images. ghosts, monsters, violence, but they don't find it scary. i guess they are like me in that way. i was raised on creepy and scary movies, so to me they are fine.