Monday, June 23, 2008

still moving

so, we've moved to carson city. we are a lot closer to derek's work now. we will be saving so much in gas as soon as we have all our stuff here and nothing left in dayton. we have until friday to get everything out of there. the funny thing is the electricity is still on there so whenever i go it's not killing me and i can vacuum still. i guess the electric company left it on and put it in the complex's name, but i've been using the juice the last couple of days. oh, well. so today i am gonna unpack some more boxes and go out and buy a table for my dining room. it will be so nice to have a place for us to sit and eat. right now the kids have been using the coffee table in the living room. i want to get a pretty small table, but one that can have a leaf added maybe. i like small tables because that's all i need with just us, but also they are good for games. however, with in a year i will need a bigger table than just a four seater so it would be good if i got one that expanded. if i can't find an add in leaf kind then i will just want a long table that seats six, but like a rectangle, not an oval. my sister in law michelle has a kitchen table that i want. well, maybe just like it except a little bit darker. hers is a really light colored wood and i want a more country toned wood, if you know what i mean. most of the wooden stuff i have is the about the same color and i'd like to keep it that way. i don't want all my stuff to just look thrown together. if they were in different rooms it would be okay. my bedroom has wood that is painted white. we have three dressers. the kids room has two dressers and they are the same light brown as everything else, but their beds are going to be painted. i guess i don't mind painted wood alongside varnished wood. the kids beds are going to be green and yellow. they got primer put on them yesterday and i think the color will go on today. they will look so nice. andrew really likes yellow and emmy really likes green. they go together, but once the kids are separated the beds will still look nice.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slow, but sure.

we are slowly, but surely moving things. derek took a bunch of boxes to our new apartment this morning and i need to fill more so he can take those. we are going to wait until we get some help for the big things. we'll probably get derek's parents or my parents to help us and maybe some people from church. i just need to get everything in boxes. it will be nice to move and just unpack. that is a lot more fun. i love to organize things, although most people might not think that is so. it will be nice to have all the things in their places, at least for a little while. i will have more closets and my own bathroom separate from the kids bathroom. i can have their little potty seat on the toilet all the time and have a little stool so that they can reach the sink. it will be nice to have my own bathroom. well, i'll still have to share with derek, but that will be okay. i'm also going to have the kids bedroom be separate from their playroom. that will make it easier on me because they just won't be in their bedroom during the day. right now their bedroom looks like it was hit by a tornado. the beds are all over the place because i don't have the energy to put them back together several times a day. i need to get a couple more small toy bins. i plan on having a bin for all andrew's train things and a bin for stuffed animals and baby dolls and a bin for legos and other blocks and then a bin for books. i only have two little bins now, but hopefully i can find similar ones if not the same ones. i also think that it will be easier for me to keep this new apt clean because i won't be so hot all the time. i'll still be tired, but at least i won't be sweaty. derek's parents or giving the kids some twin size beds. emmy's will be green and andrew's will be yellow. it will be nice to have big beds that they can grow with. i'll have to get another one later for the next baby, but that is a while down the road. she'll be in a crib for the first year in my bedroom and then will share a room with emmy, but will probably have a little bed at first. so that's my plan so far. we'll see what develops once we are in there for good. i hope that this move will be really good for us.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

andrew's teeth

so, apparently i'm not brushing andrew's teeth correctly. we went to the dentist to have his mouth checked out because of the tooth that is hurting him and they found six cavities. i knew he had at least one, maybe two, but not six! what?! andrew loves to brush his teeth, so it isn't hard to get him to do it, but i guess i haven't been doing it good enough. so the lady was showing me how to do andrews teeth at home. so, on the 17th of this month he going to go to a surgery hospital and get totally put under while the pull that tooth and put two fillings in and four crowns on. i'm so glad that he will be knocked out. i had better get emmy in there for a checkup sometime soon so that the same thing doesn't happen to her. i really liked that dentists' office. we saw a woman, dr yen, and she seemed really nice and the lady who did the initial cleaning was really friendly and was talking to andrew about trains and kept him somewhat calm. it was funny because she had her finger and a toothbrush in his mouth and he was trying to talk. it was just like when your watching a movie or tv show with a dentist in it and the patients are trying to talk, but you can't understand a word. so funny.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

teeth and the er

so last night we went to the store to get some milk and bananas and what not. andrew decided it would be a good idea to run away. so i'm following him all over the store and he gets trapped in between me and derek so he starts to dart down another aisle and he falls. suddenly derek starts moving faster and then i get worried. andrew was bleeding out of his mouth. the workers were all nice and it doesn't seem that he slipped on anything except his own feet. so we took him to see nana and she said his bottom left eyetooth looked like it might by broken at the root or something. so i called the emergency room and talked to the nurse and she said that we should bring him in. we went and they checked him out and said to give him motrin for the pain and then gave him a prescription for amoxycillin so that it doesn't get infected. now he has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning at nine in carson city with a pediatric dentist and we'll see how he does. i think another tooth may have a cavity so i hope that they can put a filling or something in it. i really want andrew to see a dentist anyway and i think i should get emmy in for a check up too. it was just really painfull for him and we all felt bad for him. he's so young and doesn't understand why his mouth hurts. the doctor at the hospital said it was okay if andrew pulls at the tooth and that it will probably just fall out. he said if the tooth had been a permanent one rather than a baby one then they would be more concerned. i'm just glad that i happened to have children's motrin in my cabinet at home and didn't have to go to the store again last night. after we left the er we went back to nana's house and picked up emmy. she stayed there with nana and grampa and auntie heather. andrew was asleep in the car so i stayed outside with him and derek went in to get emmy and he said that when he took the blanket off of her she woke up and asked if andrew was okay. doesn't that just make your heart melt? derek said it was so sweet.