Saturday, May 31, 2008


so i really like to talk a lot, especially on the phone. so today i was on the phone with my sister emma for about and hour and forty-five minutes. that's nothing. i've been known to talk to twice that long about nothing. so anyway, derek buzzes in and makes me hand up with emma and then goes on a tirade on how talking for so long is ridiculous. it's not like it's running up my bill or anything. i have unlimited calling on my phone. i can call anyone i want in the us and talk as long as i want as often as i want. so, anyway, i just sit and listen to him because there is really nothing for me to say. now for the kicker- derek got off of work and he was supposed to go to the store and get some things tonight so we would have them for tomorrow: milk, tape gun, fruit snacks, maybe some chips ahoys or oreos. an hour after he was supposed to be off i called his cell phone to see where he was. that's right, standing in front of his work talking to an employee. and how long had he been standing there talking? 40 minutes he says! now he knows he's in trouble. so i tell him now he sees how easy it is to talk for a long time about nothing. he has now promised not to get mad at me for talking to my siblings on the phone for exorbitant amounts of time. don't mess with the master, young grasshopper.

puke duty

what is up with men not being able to handle kid-puke? seriously? so about one in the morning emmy comes into our room and wants to sleep with me and derek and so i pick her up and put her next to me. then she wants juice, so i get up and get her some apple juice. she drinks it, gives it to me, cries because i have it, takes it back, drinks it, and falls asleep. this is pretty typical for her. i don't know why she gives me the juice at all. she hands it to me and says "there you go" and then gets upset like i stole it or something. hey, little girl! you just gave it to me and i don't even want it! so anyway, things were fine till about three in the morning. andrew comes in hacking and wants to lay down next to me. now we have a problem. emmy is in that spot and if i move her i risk waking her up for a while, but if i don't move her i risk andrew laying on top of her and waking her up. so i tell derek to take emmy. he goes to reach for her and andrew starts coughing on emmy. of course he sounds like he's gonna throw up so immediately derek takes his hand away leaving emmy at the mercy of andrew and his cough. nice. so i'm thinking, what the heck? i said something like "way to give up" to derek and he's all "well, i don't want to get thrown up on." okay, does anyone want to get thrown up on? really? i'm sure emmy doesn't. okay, there are a few times that i have thrown myself under the bus on that one. when i'm at someone else's house and the kids have thrown up on me i would rather them continue to do that than to have to clean up the carpet or have the home owner have to clean up the carpet. they throw up on me, and then i put something else on. now we just have really dirty laundery, but a clean carpet and everyone is happy though simultaneously completely grossed out. okay, back to the original story- i push emmy away onto derek's arm, which according to him is throwing her at him. i snuggle with andrew and calm him down so he doesn't cough anymore. then i get more juice for emmy who has now woken up enough to realize that she doesn't have any juice left. by this time it's about half past three or so. i go to the bathroom and then go back to bed only now my head is at the foot of the bed because andrew has taken my spot over. now i can't sleep so i get up and have two bowls of cereal while i look at stuff online. now it's an hour later and i'm realizing that if i don't go to sleep soon i'll be oh so tired in the morning. this run down is, sadly, a pretty typical night for me. now, just to add to the sympathy factor for myself, i'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. smelling the garbage makes me gag. how am i the best candidate for puke duty? i'll tell you how, because i'm the mom.

Friday, May 30, 2008


my kids are playing with refrigerator magnets in the kitchen. they are pretty calm right now. whenever we go anywhere they just seem to go crazy. they get all hyper because they are excited, i guess. people think that they are just wild hellions all the time, but when we are home alone they are usually pretty good. i'm looking forward to moving soon. we've been approved for a new apartment and now we just have to give them the money for a deposit and first months rent. i think it will be a really good move for us. we'll be a lot closer to derek's work and we'll be in my parent's ward so we can sit with them at church. my kids have been doing better at church. i don't have to chase them down so much anymore. i think if i just always have books for them to look at they will be easier to keep in the pew. oh, and if i have plenty of fruit snacks for them to nibble on.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

hotdogs and noodles

my kids like hotdogs and noodles. you know what that means. we're having mac and cheese and hotdogs for lunch today! they are drinking elmo water, which is actually floridated water with elmo and big bird on the bottle. emmy likes it so it's an easy way to get her to drink water. andrew is a big water drinker. i'm mostly a lemonade drinker. i'm a corn eater, too. emmy LOVES corn. she had corn on the cob yesterday and really cleaned that cob off. that was at lunch. at dinner she had creamed corn. obviously she also ate some other things as well, but she really goes to town on corn. she has hoosier in her blood i guess. we're gonna have a baby in september. we are pretty excited. after that baby we are done. no more kids. three is plenty for me. i think it's plenty for my husband, too. this one is supposedly another girl which is just fine with us. that will be one boy and two girls. i'm glad my son is the oldest. hopefully he'll look out for his two little sisters as they all get older.