Tuesday, October 27, 2009


hip hip hooray! maura has saved the day! we were at church on sunday and she brought george with her! andrew hasn't let george out of his sight since.

i would have updated earlier, but i wasn't home on sunday or yesterday and last night we had about three blackouts.

okay, now for another sunday story. we were sitting in the chapel before church began and andrew said he needed to go potty. of course emmy also wanted to go so we went around to the bathroom. andrew likes to go into the men's bathroom by himself. once again he ran away from me and went in. there just happened to be a chair in the hallway, so i sat down with emmy on my lap. a few men went in and out. then i thought i heard andrew crying. i went to the door and hear better and sure enough, andrew was calling for me. a man came along to use the bathroom and i asked him if he would send my little boy out to me. he went in, but then came back and said that andrew needed me. all the men left the bathroom and i went in for andrew. he was having a hard time wiping. he even got a little mess on the floor. i cleaned him up and we left. i thanked the men who stood guard so no other men came in and we went to the women's bathroom. then emmy got to go potty. as a side note, when we got back to the chapel we found that derek had moved us. nice.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Dog

andrew has lost his favorite toy. it's a light brown stuffed dog. he calls it george. we can't find it anywhere here in our apartment. it's not in the car. it's not at grampa's house. it's not at aunt emily's house. i couldn't think of anywhere else we've been these last couple of days. then derek reminded me that andrew and i went to a babyshower. hopefully, it got left at that house. otherwise, we have no where else to look. of course when i called nobody was there. they're probably either at work or visiting the new baby. i guess i can't blame them for that. this dog is like andrew's security thing. he likes to sleep with it at night. derek and andrew were at the carnival this summer and derek won it and gave it to andrew. i think he loves it because it's something he got when it was just him and daddy. i hope we find it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funny Story

my sister came over today and she drove my mom's car to get here. so i was like "oh, you have mom's car".

i seriously told that story to another sister today on the phone. i was trying to tell an interesting story, but it just came out all wrong. i mean, that's pretty much the worst story ever told. i do that a lot. sometimes i start talking and i forget what i've already said. sometimes i get totally lost and completely forget what i was trying to say. anyway, maybe that's why people think i'm boring.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Renovation?

last night someone told me that i needed a new blog template. i would do this. i tried to find one. i like having the three columns, and not everysite can accomodate that. i found a site that has three column templates. there was one that was really cute. i copied the code and erased my html, after saving somewhere else, and pasted the new code. it wanted to delete a bunch of my widgets. if i were starting from scratch then i guess i could do this, but i don't want to have to redo all my widgets. you all will just have to suffer with a colorful, but plain, blog from me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool Weather

well, the weather is changing. we had some hail and snow recently, but i hear this week is supposed to warm up again. i love the fall weather. i like layering clothes. emmy likes to wear tights, but we've been having a hard time so far finding them in the stores. i told her that she can't wear dresses outside until we get her some tights. she's really upset because she just loves to wear dresses. she has some really cute pants, but i guess she is just too particular in her style to want to wear them. i have no idea where she gets that from. maybe from her daddy. wink! anyway, i do love the autumntime. i like halloween and i love thanksgiving. i think that we might go to two thanksgiving meals. my family has one around lunchtime and derek's family has one around dinnertime. oh yeah! double shot! we'll see if it works out. maybe we'll just choose one or the other. let's see, which family do we like better? ha ha!

this year for halloween i think that i will be a bumblebee. all i need is a big yellow sweatshirt. i could make a tunic out of fleece if i wanted, but it would just be easier to find a sweatshirt and cut the sleeves off. the dollar store has wings, so that part is easy. i better buy them now before they all get sold out. emmy wants to be tinkerbell. she needs wings, too. i think we'll make andrew a turtle. that shouldn't be too hard. i've recruited my sister rachel's help. she's good at drawing stuff. she can make the turtle pattern on the fabric. anyway, i may post pictures on here of the costumes. we'll see.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Shopping List

i need to go grocery shopping. i have a list on my computer that i made and it's in sections. the problem is it's based on a store i used to go to, but don't anymore. now i think i may have to rework the list. see, this new store that i go to has the sections in a different order. the list doesn't flow like it used to. of course i could just leave the list alone and just find the section on the list when i get to it in the store. the worst part of this whole thing is that it bugs me. i don't want it to bug me. i think it's ridiculous that it bugs me. i just know that after tonight i'm gonna redo this list.