Friday, June 25, 2010

Breakfast Time

i'm out of cereal at my house. emmy would eat cereal for every meal if i'd let her. i had to come up with something for breakfast that she would like just as much. yup, quesadillas, breakfast of champions. i got two tortillas out and started covering one with cheese. emmy flipped out. she said she didn't want cheese on it. say what? she said that she was gonna tell daddy on me. i sent her off to tattle and i promised that i would take off all the cheese. then i dumped a bunch of cheese on it, put the other tortilla on top and microwaved it for a minute. silly girl doesn't know she's eating cheese. i don't like lying to her, but sometimes it's the only way.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day Out

we went to chuck e. cheese today. is was nice. the kids had fun. i don't think that i'll ever eat there again. the food was good, but way too overpriced. that's probably where they make most of their money. anyway, the kids won a few tickets and got some prizes. we went with some of their cousins and aunts. it was nice to visit with people.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not So Young Anymore.

my husband is six months older than me. this always makes him feel that i am so young and "so next generation". tomorrow i will turn 30 and no longer be so young. it's not only a mile stone for me, but also for my parents. all of their children will be in their thirties. i like feeling special on my birthdays. i'm glad that i get to spend it with my husband. since my birthday is on his day off it works out really nice. he doesn't get to come to my party tonight, though, but that's okay. there will be plenty of people there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life Plans

one of my sisters just did a blog about what she wants to be when she grows up. this got me thinking about my life and where i am right now. when i was a kid i wanted to be a wife and mother. it look longer than i would have liked, but now i'm there. i enjoy my life. i have good family and friends. i have hobbies that i enjoy and responsibilities that i can accomplish. i even went to college, though as a kid i never intended to. sometimes i need to just step back and look at my life so that i can appreciate what i have. i'm not rich, but my family is healthy, and we don't have much debt. i look at other people and hear about their health problems and think that i'm so fortunate. there is a lady that i know who lives in the fanciest house i've ever been in. it was so fancy i felt like an intruder. i used to be jealous of her, but then i heard about her medical problems. i was so glad that i didn't have her life. i try to think of what my hardships might be. the loss of a child. i'm sure there are people that look at me and wonder how in the world i deal with that. i think that we are given the trials that we can handle.
so, anyway, back to my original thought, i surpassed my goals for my life plan. college was a bonus. i even got a degree. i majored in social work and when i had one semester left to earn my associates my coworker, brent, showed me how to look up other majors on the computer and see what was needed for them. turns out that to get an associates in sociology i just needed one more class. i thought "why not?" then we found that to get an associates in psychology i only needed four more classes and one was the same as the first one. and that's how i got three associates degrees. hopefully my husband will live until the kids are grown, but if for some reason i ever need to find a good job i'll have some college degrees to back me up. i guess i'll call that plan c.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emmy's Party!

emmy's party went well. there is hardly any fighting and the kids seem to enjoy themselves. a few people dressed up.

here's emmy in her new "cinderella" dress.

here's molly. emmy said she's aurora.

i dubbed him sir logan the gallant.

anastasia dressed as an evil step sister.

the kids made castles out of wafer cookies and frosting.
here's logan's.

and rachel's.


caelin's. i don't know why she looks angry. she didn't seem to be in a bad mood.

austin's castle.

andy's cake.


all the presents.

all the gifts.

here's the cake. we hired my friend maura to make it.

singing happy birthday to emmy.

blowing out the candles.

she did it!

when people left they got to take their cookie castles and a royal scepter. my sister emma made these for us. they are pixie stix with foam stars staples to them. the front of the stars have card stock on them in various styles.

so, that was the party. it went well. we played another game, but i didn't get any pictures. it was a pin the crown on the princess poster game and hannah won.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Emmy is 4!

emmy was born on a sunday night. she was about three weeks early. she was so tiny. the tiniest baby i'd ever seen in real life. she was 4 lbs and 12 oz. her legs were long, but she would curl them up and then she would be just a little bigger than daddy's hand. usually the hospital won't release babies until they are at least 5 lbs, but the pediatritian who checked her out couldn't find anything wrong with her. in fact, she said that emmy could have been born three weeks earlier and been just fine, except for the weight. we don't know why she was so small. she's still really small. when she was a newborn i had her in the snuggie and i was pushing andrew in the stroller at a store. i was looking at whatever and this lady saw emmy move. she was surprised because she thought i was carrying a toy for andrew. another time we were at a relative's house and there was a babydoll on the floor near the front door. derek came in the room and couldn't believe someone just let emmy lay there where she could get stepped on. then he realized what it was and we all had a good laugh.

here's emmy about a month before she turned 1.

here she is on her 1st birthday.

here she is at a park in indiana.

in line waiting for santa claus.

and swinging with andrew
2 yrs old.

3 yrs old.
i need to get some more recent pictures. her party is tomorrow, so i'll be posting again soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Almost Thirty

sometimes it's weird to think that i'm gonna be thirty. my birthday is less than 3 weeks away. i'm not upset about getting older. i've known people who want to stay 25 forever. "i'm having the 7th anniversary of my 25th birthday". i actually have an ex-family member who said that. she would never say her real age. i just don't get that. i've never wanted to be older or younger than i was. i guess that's a good thing. now all of my siblings and i will be thirtysomething.