Monday, January 25, 2010

Weigh In Day

today is the day that i weigh myself so we'll see how i've done so far. if i lost one pound it will all have been worth it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Plan Seems to be Working

i feel smaller. i hope on monday that the scale reflects the feeling. i've really been watching my calories and sugars. i count all the calories that i'm taking in. i'm trying to come in around 1800 a day. i've been doing good. the other day i went to almost 2000 because derek brought me a big 'n tasty from mcdonalds. i couldn't just let it sit there and make him feel bad, so i ate it. i made up for it yesterday by eating mostly vegetables. of course, by having veggies all day i could have cookies later. mmmmm, oreo fudgees. years ago i was watching a documentary about richard simmons and they were talking to some of his friends and clients. one guy said that richard taught him that he could still eat all his favorite foods, just not all at once. i still remember that. i've kinda been using that idea. i like cookies and cake, so i just need to plan my days better to accomodate those. i've also been exercising more. it's nice to have the elliptical machine at home so that i can go on at any time of day. it's so easy when i don't have to plan too far ahead. i just need to be sure that i have a half an hour to be on it. that's pretty easy to do. so every monday i will weigh myself at my mom's house. i don't have a scale, but she does and i go there every monday. it works out nice. sunday will be my day off. i won't exercise or count calories. that doesn't mean that i can go overboard, but it will be a day of rest.

Monday, January 18, 2010


i watched this movie today that had sir alec guinness in it as 8 different characters. whoever he played got murdered. anyway, there was a woman in the movie who looked and sounded really familiar. i thought that she played cynthia in moonspinners. so we had rachel look her up. turns out she played aunt fran in moonspinners. weird. anyway, it put my mind at rest to know where i'd seen her before.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet Sassy Molassey!

recently a few different people family members asked me if i knew who was leaving blog comments under the name of sweet sassy molassey. i don't know for sure, but i know who i think it is. i find it interesting though that i was asked. i don't think sweet sassy molassey has ever even commented on one of my posts. i've just seen the comments on other posts.

anyway, this whole situation just makes me feel like i must be a total busy body, because my family thinks that i know all about everyone. it's just weird. does it make me a busy body if i happen to call people and have long conversations? is two hours even long? really?

anyway, will the real sweet sassy molassey please stand up and let us know who you are?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're Fine, Really

yesterday i was told that somebody was worried about me. they thought that derek and i looked like we were not happy with eachother at church on sunday. i don't know who this person is, because i heard it through someone else, but they couldn't be more wrong. we're fine, really. i think we're doing great, unless there is something i don't know about. i mean, as far as our relationship goes, everything is cool. we're still in love with eachother and we tell eachother that several times a day. now, i've never been one to use the love word too much when it comes to people, so i really have to feel it to say it. i just don't know what was seen to make someone think that something is wrong. i can't figure it out. unless i made a face that i don't remember making. i don't even remember getting upset at church. well, at least not when i was with derek. we did go to a new sunday school, but then derek got a bloody nose and left. he didn't come back. maybe it was someone in the class. they wouldn't have known about the bloody nose. i guess it could have looked bad since the sunday school class was a marriage class. anyway, i was upset in the class because the teacher kept calling on me. i guess she didn't realize that my anxiety issues make it difficult for me to speak in a class at all. she knows i don't like to teach, but it was a small class so she must have thought it was okay. it wasn't. it took everything i had in me not to start crying. if you're reading this, don't ever call on me in a class. pure and simple. unless i raise my hand. anyway, it must have looked bad that we went to a marriage class and my husband walks out and doesn't return. now that makes me laugh! i wonder if that's what really happened. anyway, i guess it doesn't do any good to wonder. we know how we're doing and that's all that matters.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Couple Xmas Presents

greenolive wanted to see a couple of the gifts that i got. here's andrew on my elliptical machine.

here's the backside of my new quilt. isn't that so pretty? and that's the back!

here's what the top looks like. hello, awesome! it's so me! i love it! derek likes it too because it's warm and big.

The New Year

i've been going on the elliptical machine everyday since i got it, except on sundays. today i went for 28 minutes and i burned over 400 calories. i'm trying to work my way up to going on for 30 minutes. today i listened to the barenaked ladies on my zune. it's best to have upbeat music for me to work out to. now i'm cooling down. emmy is gonna go with nana for a little while today, so after she leaves i'm gonna take a shower and get all clean. i'm sweating a lot, which is good. i can't believe i went so long today. yesterday i only made it 14 minutes and i only burned 200 calories. so i went twice as long, but burned more than twice as much. maybe the longer you go you start to burn more. i don't know. i'll have to look it up. my goal is not to get skinny, it's just to not lose all my energy after a little something. i'm so sick of doing a minor thing and getting completely winded. if i happen to get skinny in the process then so be it. i wouldn't mind.

so, as far as new year's resolutions go, i haven't made any. i never make any. everytime i did i gave up on them within a few days.

here's what i'm looking forward to in this new year. andrew will turn 5 in april and then start kindergarten in august. emmy will turn 4 in june. andrew is now in the ctr 4 class at church and emmy is a sunbeam. no more kids in nursery! they are growing up so fast. i was a little worried about emmy, but i told her that andrew was in the row right behind her and she seemed to be okay. aunt rachel is her teacher, but she was sick on sunday, so emmy was with a substitute. luckily, it was someone that she's seen me around before, so i think she was okay. i heard that she did good. also, this year, we want to get a second vehicle. the plan is to use our tax returns to get something for derek, and then i will keep the car and then next year we will trade in the car and use our tax returns to get me a mini van. derek wants a truck this year. i hope he can find one that he likes. he wants to kind with the extended cab with the extra two doors. it will be so nice to have two vehicles. that way i can drop off and pick up andrew for kindergarten. plus, i wouldn't have to wait for someone to pick me up and take me somewhere. i could get my shopping done at my convenience and not wait until derek gets off of work at night. a lot of times i am too tired to go to the store when he gets off, 'cause it's like 10 o'clock at night sometimes. anyway, i just hope derek can find what he wants. i don't think there is anything else major to look forward to this year. i don't think we are going on any vacations. maybe we'll visit family sometime. i'm trying to get derek to think about visiting his brother in utah and my sisters in utah. well, if i have my own vehicle maybe me and the kids can just go. i'd like derek to go with us, though. yes, crystal, i'm talking about you guys. i just feel like we haven't been there in forever. if it were up to me, i'd be on my way right now, but i'm not a free spirit nomad. apparently i need to have money to pay for gas. also, i want to get the two screen dvd players to put in the car so keep the kids occupied. then maybe we could do the full 8 hours in one day instead of taking it over two day like we've had to do before. anyway, those are my expectations for the year. one kid starts school, get dvd player for car, visit family, get second vehicle. hmm, some of those sound like goals. oh well, maybe i do make goals, but i just don't think about it.