Saturday, October 25, 2008

five years together

so derek done did good. he got me a butterfly necklace for our anniversary. i'd show a picture, but i can't get any to come out right. basically it's a silver butterfly with crushed diamonds on it. everytime i take a picture the flash gets on the diamonds and all you see is a mass of light. when i turn the flash off you can't see any detail at all, it just looks hazy. maybe when i'm out today i'll get a better picture and post it. so our plan is to go to lunch together for our anniversary. my dad said that he and my mom would probably take our kids for us during that time. it should be nice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

quoting movies

i like to quote movies a lot. today i read my sister in law's blog and it said that she was a smarty pants. so i commented to her and i asked how pants could be smart. well, i reminded me of a movie line where a young "girl" asks how an airport can be wrong when her dad says maybe they're at the wrong airport. that part always cracks me up. points to anyone who can guess the movie. here's the quote:
daddy- maybe we're at the wrong airport.
marie- but how can an airport be wrong...?
i bet nobody gets it. it's too obscure, with too narrow of a target audience. maybe i'll give it away later.
anyway, derek and i do this movie-quoting all the time. it's great when the quote totally fits the situation. on the season premiere of snl there was a skit where a waiter kept talking about how it smelled like pepper in the restaurant. well, a couple days later we were at derek's parents house and one of my sil's said "why do i smell pepper?" i just about died and nobody knew why i was laughing so hard until derek finally figured it out, and chuckled. then we explained the skit. i know that snl is not technically a movie, but it's still nice to quote. one thing that my bil has said to me a few times is "keep it secret. keep it safe." all you tolkien fans ought to know that one. anyway, what are some of your favorite quotes? let me know.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a liger, bred for it's skills in magic

so we're watching napoleon dynamite. it one of the only movies that derek and i can agree on to watch. we love this movie. it is so funny. the first time i saw it derek thought it was so dumb. i immediately watched it a second time and derek started quoting and chuckling. i think that some things just need to grow on him. anyway, we really like that movie. the other day he said something about a bodaggit. i forgot about when napoleon calls uncle rico that. it was really funny.

Monday, October 20, 2008


just a little story to brag about emmy. yesterday during sacrament meeting she was standing in front of the pew and playing, but when we started singing she would stop what she was doing and start waving her arms like she was directing the music. she wasn't on the right beat, but she was on beat. like she didn't go down on the down beat, but she was keeping the right time. i knew that the ladies behind her were chuckling and thinking that she was so cute, but i didn't know who it was because i didn't want to turn around and stare during sacrament meeting. so, anyway, when we got to relief society it was a combined meeting since it was ward conference and the stake relief society president stands up to talk and she started by saying how cute the little coltrin girl was. then she said "what is she, three?", so i said "two!". i thought it was funny because i don't think of her as looking like a three year old, but i guess that sometimes she acts like it. i think she is just way ahead of the game. she's so smart. sometimes derek says that he thinks she's smarter than him. yesterday i jokingly said that he should wait until she's in kindergarten and then she would be smarter than all of us. not that my kids are awesome and your kids are slow, but i just get amazed when they learn a new skill. i have to admit, though, that i do tend to wave the kids arms during songs, though not anymore. emmy wants to do it on her own. she did it all on her own yesterday. she and andrew sing the songs that they learn in nursery. they really like "i am like a star" and "i am a child of God" and "popcorn popping". we like to sing songs and they do the actions they learn in nursery. sometimes i don't understand what they are doing, but as long as they know, it's all good. anyway, just wanted to brag about the kids.


so i've been dropping some hints to derek for what i want for our anniversary. this saturday is our fifth anniversary. it's just zipped by. it doesn't even feel like it's been five years already. i guess in some ways it does, since i have a three and a half year old, but it still seems like we should have hit a rough patch or two along the way. maybe at seven years we'll get the itch, like sarah was talking about a while back. not that she has an itch, but she was glad that they weren't feeling that way. anyway, i've been dropping some pretty obvious hints at potential gifts. apparently i'm always obvious. one of my problems is that i'm not sly at all. this is a problem when people want my help. case in point: sarah's engagement ring. so tony wanted to propose, but he didn't want to go ring shopping with sarah so my job was to find out just what she wanted and her ring size. like i'm gonna be able to do that without her knowing what i'm doing. needless to say, she figured it out and patiently waited to get engaged.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


i just made the apple crisp again and i layered it like i said i would and it definately turned out better. mmm, apple crisp


so apparently i need to post this apple crisp recipe. i called nursemom and she gave me this recipe over the phone and it just came from her recipe box.

apple crisp

4 cups of apples peeled and sliced
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tbls flour
mix all together and put into dish

3/4 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup melted butter
stir together and sprinkle on top

sprinkle cinnamon on top
bake at 350ยบ til done, about 30 minutes

now, i used apples that were a little too juicy so mine came out just a little bit runny. i also think that i will do alternating layers next time i make it with apples then topping then apples then topping then cinnamon. just a thought. i have not made it again yet, but maybe today i will.

if anyone makes it let me know how it turned out for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tagged again

so i got tagged again, only by maura this time. this time it's only five things per category.


5 Things...

5 Shows I Watch
1. csi
2. csi new york
3. csi miami
4. criminal minds
5. psych

5 Favorite Restaurants
1. applebee's
2. casino coffee shops
3. ihop
4. 5 buck pizza
5. burger king

5 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. emmy's halloween costume was finished
2. made apple crisp
3. went to a baby shower
4. ate nana's homemade stew
5. fell asleep in emmy's bed

5 Things I look forward to
1. trunk or treat
2. 5th wedding anniversary
3. thanksgiving/christmas
4. real christmas
5. derek's birthday

5 things I love about the fall
1. colder weather
2. smaller electric bill
3. the holidays
4. soon it will be time for my kids to start going to school
5. the colors

5 things on my wish list
1. a mini van
2. a nice sized house
3. a personal hair stylist
4. kids clothes that grew with them
5. to go sledding

5 important things to me
1. Heavenly Father and Jesus (i know that technically they are two people, but i grouped them together, so there)
2. my family
3. going to church every sunday
4. fulfilling my duties
5. staying connected with people

5 people I tag
if this looks like something that you would like to do then consider yourself tagged

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so we've been planning our halloween costumes for a while now.
emmy will be alice.
andrew will be the white rabbit.

derek and i will be playing cards. specifically the ace and deuce of clubs.
i think it will be very cute and i will have to take pictures of us in our costumes. my sister sarah is planning to be alli from karate kid when they are at the dance. tony is gonna be daniel san as a shower and their boys are gonna be johnny and the other cobra kai's as skeletons. i thought that that was a really cute idea. i hope that she takes pictures, too.

apple crisp

i'm attempting to make apple crisp. i can't wait to see how it all turns out. if it comes out nice then i will make it more often. apple crisp isn't as good as apple pie, but it's easier to make. i hate making pie crust. it is so messy and i never get it to turn out right. my crust always cracks or it too thick. sometimes i just buy the already made crust, like if i really want a good pie, but i don't remember to buy it just all the time so i never have it on hand. i wish that i did so that whenever i want it i have it. i had all the stuff i needed to make the apple crisp, even the oats. that's not something that i usually have, so it was exciting to be able to do something. i got the oats so that i could make no bake cookies a while ago and didn't use all of them. derek hates peanut butter, but no bakes are his favorite cookie. he refuses to believe that they have peanut butter in them. derek's mom says that she's never seen a no bake recipe with peanut butter in it and i've never seen one without it. it must be a cultural thing.

lots of the disagreements between derek and me are a cultural thing. not that we have lots of disagreements, but when we do, that's usually what they are about. no really, we don't argue that much and no, derek did not give me a black eye. i ran into a door. oh, the sling? i slept wrong on my arm. no, i've always had this limp. just kidding. not to make light of spousal abuse or anything because it's not funny, but i just got a kick out of saying all that. that's just sick and wrong.

mmmm, just took the crisp out of the oven. looks and smells good. just have to wait until it cools down. see, this morning emmy said that she wanted pie. for some reason she thought that there was pie in the "fridger", but when i opened it she saw there was none, so she got upset. i told her that i would make apple crisp. she was pretty excited. i am too.

Friday, October 10, 2008


so i've been tagged by kienna. the problem is that i don't know how to add links and pictures to posts so the tagging will end with me. i will however share 7 weird or random things about me.

1. i like to watch kid's shows with the kids. i think that some of them are so funny. i can't watch them without the kids, though.

2. i like things to be even. if i step on a crack with my left foot then i have to do the same with my right foot. if derek has put one sock on and then doesn't put the other one on it drives me nuts and i tell him to put it on.

3. i don't think that bluejeans should match every colored shirt.

4. i love shopping as long as i am going for something. i hate shopping with marathon shoppers when i am not looking for anything. i get bored quickly. sometimes it hard to shop with one of my sisters, at least back in the day it was. she would go to six thrift stores and then target all in one trip. i remember just staying in the car at the end of the trip.

5. i think it would be cool to be an elf or a fairy.

6. i like to watch crime shows, like monk, psych, law and order, criminal minds, and those shows that are real like cops or with police chases.

7. i like reading. right now i'm reading the wizard of oz. i've seen the movie, but i've never read the story. i like to see the differences between books and movies.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

interview with a derek

so some people seem to be on this "interview kick" lately. well, i thought that since it was the in thing to do that i could do it also. however, andrew and emmy are not as articulate as some people's kids, so i will interview derek.

1. what is your favorite color?
derek: navy blue

2. what is your favorite meal that i make?
derek: anyone that's edible

3. what is your favorite song?
derek: my favorite song? (thinking)... belleau wood by garth brooks

4. if the moon were made of spare ribs would you eat it?
derek: no

5. if you could only watch one channel for the rest of your life which channel would that be?
derek: mmm, military channel

6. what do you think is the purpose of your life?
derek: make people laugh, keep 'em happy

7. what else do you think i should ask?
derek: i dunno


derek went and got a new gun today. all i have to say is that he best be bringin' home all kinds of critters. ducks, goose, maybe even rabbits. seriously, i get that he "needed" a new one since his was pretty old and not working right, but come on, it could have made it one more season. actually i don't know that it could have. i know nothing about guns and hunting except that deerock likes them. i could call him big D, but that may cause confusion. anyway, back to the original story: derek went with his brother to cabelas and sportsman's warehouse and somewhere in there he got all the stuff he needs to go hunting this season which starts on saturday. one nice thing about him going hunting is that he rides with other people and so i get to drive myself wherever i want to go. this saturday i have a babyshower to go to and then on monday i have a doctor appt. it's my last one and i think that i may just refuse some of their services. seriously, i don't want a p-smear and it's not like they are going to hold me down or anything. well, maybe i'll do it just for health and wellness (puts head down and kicks the floor).

Friday, October 3, 2008


so, yesterday i was in the car with derek and he was on the phone talking to his brother about guns and gun manufacturers. we had been at cabela's and sportsman's warehouse looking at guns and he found two that he kinda liked, but had never heard of the manufacturer for one. that's why the phone called happened. anyway, his brother asked why he'd gotten a new shotgun and derek said he hadn't "boughten" it yet. as soon as he said it he realized what he said and then i started laughing at him. he blames me for doing this to him. he's always going on and on about how boughten and broughten aren't words. ha ha ha. that's all i have to say to him. he is so nitpicky with how i speak. he doesn't like mou'ains or bu'ons or mi'ens. he prefers mountains and buttons and mittens. for some reason i leave t's out of my words. when i write things i know how to do it correctly, but i just don't speak that way.