Thursday, August 28, 2008

yea for this weekend!

so the mindless banterer is coming to town and i am so excited! she will be here tomorrow along with funnyman, little duckling, and pretty pretty princess. we are going to have fun i think and i look forward to the many bob stories to be made. we will have to contact emilyjuice and let her know when and where to be. derek will not be invited because he HATES bob. apparently he thinks that we just get too dang rowdy. what? me, rowdy? never! whenever we are at his parents house and talk turns to bob he says that we have to leave. now. maybe it's because his dad always ends up mentioning how bob has incontinence problems and is constantly having accidents. or maybe it's because bob always seems to have an animal who is dying and stinking up the place. one of my personal favorites happened at girls' camp in nevada when bob had to practice bear safety by squeezing his butt cheeks together so that the bears wouldn't smell his waste matter and be drawn to him and eat him. whatever the reason, bob is not welcome when derek is about. we've got plenty of paper and plenty of pens and plenty of ways for bob to come to a sad end. let the games begin!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

more key problems

yesterday, my husband got his key stuck in the mail box. our mail box is on the outside of the apartment complex's office building. i guess the lock has always given him trouble whether he uses his key or mine and yesterday he just couldn't get it out. the office people got the maintenance man over there and he just unhooked the rest of the keys from the mail key and told derek that he didn't have to stay there to hear him cuss at the lock, so derek left. he told me that the man said he would just take the whole door off and either "gently persuade" the key out and fix the lock, or just chuck the whole lock and get us a new one and new keys. derek thought it was funny that he would "gently persuade" the key. derek really gets along with the people in the office and they like us because we always give them our rent check early. it works out better for us to pay early, otherwise we'd be two days late with the way that his paydays fall.

Friday, August 15, 2008


when did august slip away? it's already halfway through the month. i keep thinking that it's the 3rd or something. nope, two weeks later! it always amazes me how fast the days go by. some days just seem to lag and other days just zip by. why is that. i do pretty much the same thing everyday, so it's not the whole "time flies when your having fun" thing unless what i do could be called fun. running the dishwasher? vacuuming? brushing little kids' teeth? are these things fun? rewarding, yes, but fun? i guess. anyway, it's halfway through the month already and that means that fall is coming soon. i love the fall. it's my favorite season. it's nice when the weather starts to slack off and you don't get so hot all the time, but your not cold either. the ac won't have to run as much as it does, and my mil's house won't be so hot when we are over there. right now it's pretty hot. of course outside it's almost 100 degrees, so it's understandable. the thing about fall is that i will have to carry jackets for the kids. the night time starts to get cold. right now the night time is in the 70's so it's still plenty warm. anyway, i didn't mean to write about the weather, but i guess that's what's on my mind right now.

Monday, August 11, 2008


so, they've finally given me a date for the c-section. it is september 3rd. i have to be at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning. now, this is assuming that i make it to this point. last time i had a baby she was so early i didn't even make it to the scheduled day. this wednesday i will be 36 weeks along and therefore considered full term. derek says that i'm not allowed to have the baby this week, but anytime after saturday is fine with him. i'd like to have the baby before the end of the month. my sister is coming to visit and i would like to have the baby by the time that she gets here with her kids. not that it's a big deal, but when am i going to get to show off the baby to my family? anyway, i need to think about when the baby will be blessed and let people know about that. well, gotta go. the olympics are on!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

this morning

so i think that i'm slowly going crazy. hmmm, maybe not crazy, just more forgetful. yesterday i asked derek when his next day off was and he said tomorrow, meaning today. well, this morning i kept thinking "why is derek just piddling around instead of getting ready for work?" soon, after he was "supposed" to be at work i realized that he has the day off. HELLO! i knew that already. people say that i can't remember anything because i'm pregnant. i think it's just because of the sleep deprivation that i'm experiencing. i can't seem to find a comfortable way to sleep and also, at least one kid comes into our bed during the night to cuddle up. usually it's andrew, but last night it was both kids. emmy seemed hot to the touch so we gave her some tylenol and said a prayer for her. this morning she seems just fine. she ate cereal for breakfast. she's been playing with andrew and me this morning, except for right now. she's crying because we took her brush away. it's an old paddle brush that i used to use, but now she can play with it. she decided to hit me with it so andrew took it away from her and told her not to hit me. it was really cute of him to do that. i love my little boy. well, i love my little girl, too.