Saturday, October 25, 2014

 It's that time again.  I need to show off my cute kids. 

This year Andrew decided that he wanted to be a wizard.  I thought he meant like Gandalf, but he actually meant a Hogwarts wizard.  He's dressed as Zacharias Smith from the Harry Potter books.  Here's the character in the Lego games that Andrew likes.
 I decided to put him in school robes because that is what they would normally wear at school. 
 Andrew painted the wand himself.  He's wearing a scarf in the Hufflepuff colors.

Emmy wanted to be Galadriel, from the Lord of the Rings.  We enjoy those movies.  I couldn't seem to find a better picture of Galadriel than this one.
Emmy's tiara isn't quite the same as the ones in the movies, but I'm not great at stuff like that.
The belt should be centered, but her dressed got a little askew.

I think they are happy with how the costumes turned out.

Tonight they are going to a church Trunk-or-Treat party.  Next week our church is having a Trunk-or-Treat party, their elementary school in having a Fall Festival, and of course we'll be trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  We are gonna have so much candy!