Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Too Soon? Nah.

I was talking to my mom the other day about popsicle stick puzzles. She gave me some unused Christmas cards and I got out my trusty paper cutter and the decoupage.  Let's just say that there will be about 20 more of these puzzles coming.

Here are all the sticks in a jumble.

 Two puzzles done.

One puzzle flipped over and reassembled.

The last puzzle flipped and reassembled.

So much fun and so easy to do.

Flaming Gorge

Every year some of Derek's family go on a big fishing trip to Flaming Gorge, which sits on the Utah/Wyoming border. Andy and Emmy have each gotten to go before, but this year was the first year that Derek and I got to go. I pretty much just handed the camera to the kids and here are some pictures that they took.
Of course not everyone who was there was captured on film.

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted last. So many things have gone on.  This past April there was a Daddy/Daughter dance here in town. Derek took Emmy to it. She had so much fun. Derek's mom made Emmy's dress. She wore a big puffy petticoat underneath so that it would go out.

 The kids got to show off their artwork at the end of the school year.
 Andy's class did a piece of horticultural artwork.

 Emmy's class did these watercolor stream pictures.

We got to go see a musical play this year. The children's theater put on Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Emmy dressed up in her Alice dress from last summer.  Here she is next to Normal-Sized Alice, Shrunken-down Alice, and another little girl we know who also dressed up as Alice to watch the show.

 The kids were in school choir last year. Here they are singing in the city park on Memorial Day. Look at the left side of the stage.

This kids both got awards at the end of school, but I don't remember for what and the pictures are hard to read.

Well, that was all this past Spring. I guess I'd better post my pictures from our vacation soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Family Reunion

So I just got back yesterday from my reunion.  I had so much fun.  The kids and I got to go to Indiana and see my siblings and niblings, and my dad's family and my mom's family.  Three reunions in all.  Crazy!  I didn't get pictures of everything, but here are some.

Andrew and Emmy on the plane at the beginning of our trip Sunday night.

Caelin, Andrew, and Emmy on the way to Middlebury from the Indianapolis airport in our rental car Monday morning.

A visit to the Krider Gardens in Middlebury so that Emmy could sit on the mushrooms while dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

After that we got donuts at the Essenhaus bakery and took them back to our cabin where we were staying.  Andrew had a round creme filled.

Emmy had a long john like me.  I had to cut mine in half and finish it the next day.

The next morning we went to the Essenhaus for breakfast with my sister Naomi and her kids Cooper and Chloe.

Then we went to a shopping center and got this picture outside the toy store.
That's Chloe as Thing 1, Andrew as Thing 2, and Emmy as Curious George.

That night we roasted marshmallows and had s'mores.

Wednesday we went to Bonneyville Mill park and had a picnic.

Then we went to East Park across from where I grew up.  There's my brother Samuel watching out for his little daughter with our old house in the background.

We went across the street to Memorial Park to look at the cannons.  I used to love climbing on these when I was a kid.  Here's Andrew and one of my sister Sarah's daughters.

That night we went to my cousin Susie's house.  One of her daughters found some kittens for my kids to pet.  They really liked the kittens.

Then one of the girls took my kids for a pony cart ride.  The kids would have liked to sit on the pony, but Susie said it wasn't broke enough yet.  I asked Susie's permission to photograph her daughter.

On Saturday morning we went to breakfast with my friend Janelle and her family.  After that we went shopping to find Andrew a new shirt.  That morning I discovered he was out of clean clothes.  We went to Yoder's department store to get him a Shipshewana t-shirt.  Emmy saw this hat and wanted it.  I think she looks like a pilgrim or pioneer.

After my dad's reunion on Saturday some of us went to his brother Glen's house.  We were sitting on the porch talking when all of a sudden we heard this thing come putt-putting out of a garage.  Dad just couldn't resist playing with Glen's toys.

We left for home on Monday and made it as far as Phoenix where we were too late to catch the plane to Reno.  We had to sleep in the airport for a few hours.  Here's Emmy sleeping on me.

Here's Andrew just waking up.

We finally got home 12 hours after we expected, which was fine.  Derek's mom picked us up from the airport.  We were very grateful that someone could make it on such short notice.  I didn't get picture of everything.  I didn't get pictures on Thursday or Friday.  I guess I was just too busy having fun.  Those days we did the talent show, minute to win it games, and my kids and I visited Janelle.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

Tonight Emmy and I got to have a Girls Night Out with Aunt Michelle, Cousin Hannah, and Nana.  We went to Beauty and the Beast Jr.  All the players were kids or teenagers.  It was really cute.  Everyone did a great job, but I think Gaston and Le Fou were my favorite.  Afterwards we got to say hello to some of the cast members.  Emmy knew two of the little girls from school.  One was a napkin and other things.

One was Chip.

We also said hello to the Wardrobe, but we didn't get a picture with her.  Then Emmy got to talk to Belle.  She was very sweet.

I'm very happy we got to go.

State Project

A few weeks ago Andrew did a school project on Utah.  He made a float with Arches National Park on top and the state symbols around the side.  He had fun painting and decoupaging.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oh, no! Her permanent teeth!

 My daughter, Emmy, was playing Marco Polo at school last Wednesday.  She was Marco and had her eyes closed and walked right into a pole and chipped both her front teeth. 

She was pretty sore, so I picked her up early from school.  She got a dentist appointment on Monday where they decided what to do.  Today she went in and they filled in the missing pieces. 

She looks so much better now and she's happy, which is what matters most.  I'm so glad we found a good dentist that could get her in so quickly.