Monday, January 26, 2009


so, my mom brought us home early tonight after i did my laundry. we left before dinnertime so she got some kfc and came to my house to eat dinner. we just talked and emmy was asleep the whole time. mom took a lot of boxes full of baby girl clothes away and she is sending them to sasarh since she's having a girl this summer. anyway, emmy slept through all of that, too, even though we were in her room being loud with the light on. anyway, she finally woke up now, about an hour and a half later. she was sitting on my lap and said that she wanted a drink. she got up to the table and i gave her some chicken and corn and a biscuit. i asked her if she wanted a peach kool-aid and she said "no, i said i want choc-wat." hmm... so i said "no, you just said you wanted a drink." so i got her some chocolate milk. she saw me get a small cup, fill it halfway with milk and mix in some chocolate powder. then i came to her to give it to her and she says "its that for me?" who else does she think it could be for? she is so funny. sometimes i think she talks better than she should be able to. she's only two and a half.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Apple Sauce

ever notice how apple sauce tastes awesome when you are sick. socks are suddenly cozier. chairs are more inviting. home just seems nicer when i'm sick. i don't want to go anywhere. i'm glad i have a phone. i have unlimited calling within the US. i love it since most of my family is far away, and some of derek's family is far away. i don't have to be alone when i'm alone. hbcxxzxccvbbbbnnnnmm, ..........gggggggggggaa. those are some notes from my kids. emmy wrote before the comma and andrew wrote after that. they love to mess with the computer. my defenses are down so i let them. just this once. anyway, i need to go and call someone. i'm tired.

Monday, January 19, 2009


i have a cold. i hate having colds. i feel like crap, but not bad enough to stay in bed all day. i can't just call someone to come and take care of me and my kids. i don't know that i could do that anyway. i don't know who i would get, unless my sister or mom had time. all the women i know that don't work have their own little kids to take care of. anyway, i just have a cold. yesterday was kinda warm during the day so i didn't wear a jacket and i wore sandals. today my nose is running and i'm cold. for me to be cold is really a big deal. i always run hot, so if i'm cold then either it's really cold, or i have a cold. last night my apt was hot. it's the same temperature now, but i have long pants and long sleeves on. well, maybe my mom and sister will take care of me a little bit. i'm going to their house to do laundry today. yay! ray-ray's kids are out of school so we'll play games!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine Live!

andrew loves trains. thomas the tank engine is coming to town this month. well, actually he's not coming to my town, but to the big city near us. derek is taking andrew to see him live on stage. he's going with andrew's cousin and aunt. his cousin also loves thomas. yesterday, another aunt called me to tell me that thomas was coming and that i should take andrew. i told her we already had the tickets and she said she found some coupons for half off the ticket price. dang it! one day late! oh, well. at least andrew is going to see thomas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day of Epiphany

today is traditionally the day that is celebrated as being the day that the wisemen found the baby Jesus. i remember that the amish kids always got out of school this day because they regarded it as a holiday. i just don't understand why this day is believed to be that. why would anybody think it was twelve days. i just don't get it. i like how most nativity scenes show the three wisemen even though technically they would not be there. nursemom always had the wisemen out of the manger as if still traveling, following the star. anyway, just don't get it. why twelve days of christmas? why would mary and joseph stay in the manger all that time. surely the taxing would have been done within a week. even if not people who had been taxed could have left, thereby leaving vacant inn rooms making it possible for mary and joseph to move into one of those. the wisemen would come to the inn instead of the stable. anyway, i'm starting to ramble, so i had better close this blog.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Obesessive Compulsive Disorder

my son likes to wash his hands. he is constantly getting up on the counter to get to the sink in the kitchen to run the water over his hands. whenever i go in the bathroom he runs in so that he can stand on the stool and wash his hands. i wonder if he is starting to develop OCD or something. some of us in my family have OCD issues, so i wouldn't be so surprised. i said something to my husband and all he said was "i blame you". i couldn't really deny that he gets it from me. i think derek has noticed plenty of my problems over the years. anyway, i just find it interesting. i wonder how much of it is nature and how much is nurture.