Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Skills

andrew is getting to be such a big kid. i have locks on my refrigerator and freezer. andrew has learned how to unlock them, get something out of the fridger, and then lock it up again. the other night he poured himself a cup of root beer. i saw him putting the lid back on the bottle and asked derek if he poured the cup and he said he didn't. i don't know where andrew learned to do that. i'm still keeping locks on the fridger so that emmy can't get in there. it's nice to have a child who is a little more independant. not that i would let him do all the things that he wants to do. there is no way i would have let him pour the root beer if i'd seen him starting to do that. it could make too big of a mess. it's really neat to watch them grow and develop their skills


Blog Stalker said...

I look and my big kids and think back to those "firsts" with nostalgic glee. So appreciate things more with the younger kids

Have a great day!

Aaron and crystal said...

I have to agree Having independent children is awesome! I love it. Of course I do miss those days when it was all about mommy!

Maura said...

Juliet has always been independent but it is fun to see them doing stuff for themselves. especially when they dont' you are watching them do it and you can watch them think it through. I love that!