Friday, June 12, 2009

The Little Girl

i know, i know. i'm late getting this out, but here i go.

emmy is three years old. her birthday was june 4th. emmy is in the nursery at church and she has a few little friends there. she loves to visit her cousins from both sides of her family. she loves visiting her grandparents. she's really social as long as she knows you. if she doesn't know you she is terribly shy, which i'm glad for. i know she won't just go off with a stranger.

emmy loves girly things. she loves hearts and flowers, butterflies and fairies. stars and snowflakes. pink and purple, but also green. i think pink and green are her favorites. she loves to wear dresses and skirts. she loves tinkerbell.

emmy loves to watch videos. can you guess which ones? tinkerbell, of course. sleeping beauty, cinderella, the wiggles, elmo. she loves the story of alice in wonderland. we have four different versions of it. she watches them all. she loves willy wonka and the chocolate factory as well as charlie and the chocolate factory. it amazes me that she doesn't find it confusing that there are different movies about the same story.

she's very smart. she knows most of her colors and can recognize many letters. she loves to draw. nothing really clear yet, but she tells me what she draws, so it works.

emmy loves to talk on the phone. she just needs to know who it is first and she'll talk to anybody. she's not shy on the phone like she is in person.

emmy is like a little shadow. she loves to follow people around. sometimes she's too clingy, but i find that on days when she goes somewhere without me i miss the clingyness. she likes to sew with her nana. sometimes this scares me because i think her little fingers get too close to the needle. i don't let her sew with me and i can't be in the room when she is sewing with nana.

emmy loves to sing songs. sometimes she makes up songs and sometimes she sings songs she's heard. she loves abba. one of her favorite songs in mamma mia. she also loves some songs from church. when i go into the nursery during song time she's usually the only kid sitting there singing. the other kids are off playing with other stuff. i just find it so funny. i don't always go in there at that time. i go in to get the RS roll to the leaders, so there is no set time for me.

anyway, that's a little bit of info about emmy.


okeydokeyifine said...

Wish they could always stay this cute... but they grow up. Cherish the moments.

Puphigirl said...

Chloe likes to make up her own songs and dances too.

Maura said...

Well Happy late Birthday to her. :) I didn't realize your b-days were so close.

what kind of cake did you make?

Ruthykins said...

i made a pink strawberry star shaped cake.

Maura said...

cute! I bet it was yummy

sure, I can do that? when do you need it?

we'll have to either get together or email all the details you'd like for it. :)

my email address is

EmmaP said...