Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Dog

andrew has lost his favorite toy. it's a light brown stuffed dog. he calls it george. we can't find it anywhere here in our apartment. it's not in the car. it's not at grampa's house. it's not at aunt emily's house. i couldn't think of anywhere else we've been these last couple of days. then derek reminded me that andrew and i went to a babyshower. hopefully, it got left at that house. otherwise, we have no where else to look. of course when i called nobody was there. they're probably either at work or visiting the new baby. i guess i can't blame them for that. this dog is like andrew's security thing. he likes to sleep with it at night. derek and andrew were at the carnival this summer and derek won it and gave it to andrew. i think he loves it because it's something he got when it was just him and daddy. i hope we find it.


Puphigirl said...

SO, he calls it George, huh? Does he love it and hug it and squeeze it?

EmmaP said...

maybe george died... then again,maybe he just fell asleep playing hide and seek! lol!!!

good luck! if he shows up here I will send him home ;)

Ruthykins said...

ok, thanks

Duke said...

I am going over there tonight. I will look. I think I remember him coming in with one. :)

I'll let you know.