Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

i am soooooo ready for christmas. it's my favorite holiday. i just love everything about it. i love the snow, assuming we'll get some. i love the music. i love the decorations. i love the food and drinks. i love the get togethers. i love the movies. i just love everything about christmas. i'll be putting my tree up soon. probably tomorrow morning, but we'll see. i bought of bunch of candy canes tonight to hang on the tree, but i also got some peppermints to put in a dish so hopefully the kids will go after those first. i really need to find my tree skirt so i can use it this year. i have one that i need to cut out, but i don't remember where i put it. maybe i just need to get another one. i wish that i had a place to hang the stockings. i don't have a fireplace or a stairway to hang them. growing up, we always hung our stockings from right under the banister. i always liked the way it looked with the stockings getting higher and higher. last year i just laid the stockings out on chairs on christmas eve so that we had them the next morning. one year in college we bought little stockings any my roommate drew a fireplace on some cardboard and we hung our stockings on that. it was a lot of fun.


Puphigirl said...

I've already been listening to Christmas music for the last week or two. Now I can start decorating.

greenolive said...

I like the paper fireplace idea.