Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O Christmas Tree

i know, i know. i haven't updated recently. i've been busy with christmas stuff and taking funny pictures of the kids. here's emmy as she fell asleep one night.
anyway, some people had expressed an interest in seeing my tree, so here it is.
this year i added some new decorations. i thought that i would try out some glass ornaments. at least one is broken already. they are martha stewart brand, but i paid about 50¢ a box at a yard sale this summer, so it's no big deal. also i found some glittery plastic snowflakes at the dollar store. i got two boxes. i got three beaded garlands from kohl's. they were on sale, so each strand was about $3 and i used my kohl's gift card i'd gotten in the mail, so they were free! yay! we love free stuff!
this year i decided that we needed a new star. the other one weighed too much to be on the top of the tree so i got one that doesn't light up. i like it. very pretty.
okay, so here's all the gifts that are under the tree this year.
i think this is the most we've ever had under our tree at home. maybe i'll snap a picture of my in-laws tree. there's sure to be a lot of presents under that tree.


Puphigirl said...

I like the star, it looks bejeweled.

Deborah said...

My sister-in-law says that she doesn't put presents under the tree until Christmas eve because her kids get too focused on presents and forget the true meaning of Christmas. I put presents under our tree as soon as the tree goes up. It just doesn't feel like Christmas without something wrapped under that tree! We went without ornaments this year because Seth is still only 14 months and we knew we'd have a lot more than 1 broken ornament.

Anyway, you have a beautiful tree and I love the prices of your decorations!

Maura said...

yay for tree's, yay for presants....yaya for Christmas and all that it means!

EmmaP said...

yay for nearly new but really cheap ornaments and double yay for free! I've been using my $10 off coupons every month for the past year to purchase the $5 book / $5 character they sell. AND my friend gives me always gives me hers too! So, I ended up with plenty of free loot to give to nieces & nephews for Christmas. Also -- I've got some stashed away for new born baby gifts. I love giving books!

Ruthykins said...

we love getting books!