Saturday, January 15, 2011

History Repeats Itself

i was in the living room and i heard emmy crying and saying "owie". i thought maybe andy was bugging her, so i went off to see and solve any problems. what i found made me laugh. emmy was alone in her room and she had successfully tied herself to her bed. she couldn't even raise her arms, poor little thing. luckily she was easily released by me. immediately i remembered something that had happened to my brother, samuel, years ago. he had handcuffed himself to his bunkbed. unfortunately he'd dropped the key and his "spare key" so he was trapped. he yelled for help, but he woke up my mom. her room was right below his. she slept during the day because she worked at the hospital during the night. she was so mad that she'd been woken up that she went upstairs to yell at samuel. she laughed, which of course made us all curious. she got him down, but then wanted him to rechain himself so she could get a picture. samuel didn't go for that.


My This N That Life said...

Hi, Ruthie! I am following your blog, now. I had no idea you read mine! :) How's things? Find any tacos lately?

EmmaP said...

what was she trying to accomplish? I mean Sam was "practicing" his Houdini, but what was Emmy doing? lol!

I am glad, however that she didn't manage to get caught and choke herself!