Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Husband Rocks at Gift-Giving

i had a great valentine's day. derek got off a little early and we went out to dinner. some mexican restaurant inside one of the casinos in town. i can't remember the name and no, we didn't stay to gamble. he also got me chocolates and a set of dishes. they are very pretty and i like them a lot. they have little blue flowers on them.

i have to say this. just now i decided to play some music. i was scrolling through my zune and asked andy what he should listen to. i happened to stop on the backstreet boys. he said "that one, it's my favorite." hee hee hee. i don't think he's ever listened to them before. anyway, i thought it was cute.


Puphigirl said...

Well, you got one up on me. I got nuthin' and did nuthin'.
Actually we went to the Sweethearts Dance at my school as chaperones. And we are both poor waiting for paychecks and then we will do a belated Valentine's date.

Maura said...

sounds like a nice Valentines' day! I love backstreet boys!. :)