Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Feel Emmy's Pain

i got a copy of emmy's immunization record. the lady behind the desk at the health and human services building showed me where the shots she still needs were listed. emmy started crying when i told her that she needed shots. she's got a well check appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks. i'm hoping they'll do it that day. i don't believe in lying to my kids about hard things. i told her she needed some shots and that it would be okay. it just makes me tear up when i see her crying over something like this.


Puphigirl said...

Give her a dose of Children's Tylenol just before the appointment to help ease the pain of the shots. Also, a sticker and a sucker help with the tears.

Ruthykins said...

oh, yeah. i always forget to give her the tylenol before she gets the shots. i'll have to remember that day.

greenolive said...

With my boys I tell them that they had the shots before and they were really brave. So I know they can do it again. Then they think they can be brave too. For some reason knowing that they survived it before and they were really brave and strong helps.
And yes, I believe as you do not to try to trick them by not telling them they'll get shots or by saying it won't hurt. It's better to tell them it will hurt a little but it won't last long.

okeydokeyifine said...

All I know is when they sewed up my hand I kicked and screamed and cried and I don't really remember feeling anything cause all my concentration was on trying to get out of it.
So a tear is ok, and a scream is ok, as long as they sit still and let them do it.(Emmy, Don't jerk the needle and then afterwards maybe Mom will give lots of hugs.)