Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Thought This Generation was Good with Computers

Sometimes I get so mad at my kids. Recently, Derek dropped his computer and the screen broke. We had a cord to connect the computer to a TV, so he started using his computer that way all the time. That was fine with me; I still had my computer. A few days after Derek's screen got broken Emmy broke my screen by slamming it shut and banging the mouse on it. So, two computers, one cord. Not so good. I made Derek buy a second cord so I could be in the living room on this TV and he could be in the game room on that TV. Okay. Today Andrew dropped my computer on the floor at just the right angle to rip the cord out of it to break the cord. Wonderful. Two computers, one cord, one angry mother. This is why we can't have nice things.


Puphigirl said...

some people's children.

EmmaP said...

Good with PLAYING on the computers... not handling them. hehe.

Once when I wasn't home Kienna (who was about 6 at the time) decided to carry my laptop upstairs from downstairs. She tripped up the stairs and broke my screen. Knowing it was an accident, I wasn't mad at her, although I was irritated that I couldn't use my computer. So, I implemented a new rule - which I had previously assumed was a mutual understanding, but I guess not - and that was that none of my children were allowed to carry the laptops anymore. If they wanted to use them, they would ask and I would set it up for them at a table or desk and when they were done they were to tell me and I was the one who shut it down. We didn't have any problems after that.

Maybe you'll get a sweet tax return? Or perhaps there will be an awesome Black Friday sale?

KiennaP said...

I'm so sorry! Atleast andrew didn't mean to.

I'd like to correct my mom -
I was in Funnyman's room (who has a hard tile floor) and I had the laptop on my lap. I told him to grab the laptop so I could sit up and go upstairs. Thinking he had grabbed the laptop, I started to stand up when it had fallen on the floor and it broke.