Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Frog Story

I know, I've been really bad. I haven't had anything cool enough to write about happen lately. The funniest thing happened today, though. So, the last couple of days Derek and I have been playing a sort of game with each other. One of the kids got a little toy frog for Christmas and Derek and I have been hiding it places for the other to find. This morning I found it in my closed laptop, so I put in in his shoe. I took the kids to school and when I got back Derek said he had hidden it. I was skeptical because it didn't seem likely he'd put his shoes on yet. I asked him how he knew where I put it. He said he knew as soon as I put it there. I said "how did you know it was in your shoe?" He said "you just told me." Ugh! I played his little game! I had to hide it again. Derek took the garbage out a little while later and he told me he would hide it while I was picking the kids up from school. I went out to my van and there it was on my steering wheel waiting for me. I laughed the whole way to the school.


KiennaP said...

hahaha very clever!

EmmaP said...

I was going to make some clever and witty comment, but there seemed to be a frog in my throat.