Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fire and the Cat

So, we've been having a little excitement these last few days.  I recently found my camera again, school for the kids ended, we had cousins in town, and two fires in our town this week.  Yep, two separate fires.  Monday we went to visit my sister and Derek's mom to return the cousins that had been staying with us.  While we were gone I found out that there was a fire near my house, very near.  It destroyed two houses and a few sheds.  I took this picture from my back yard.  The trucks are in the neighbor's yard and you can see the wreckage in the yard kitty-corner to that. 
 It was very close, but the wind was pushing it the other way.  We are so grateful that we were not affected. 

Today is my birthday.  I'm now 32.  Derek got the day off of work so he could spend it with me.  We went window shopping and then went for some frozen yogurt.  At some point Derek said something about getting me a cat.  I thought he was joking.  A cat is the very last thing I would ever expect him to give me.  Somehow we ended up at the humane society and now we have a cat.  We named her Penelope and she is a nine month old calico. I've had to keep telling the kids to put her down and stop carrying her everywhere.  So far she seems to be doing pretty good with us.


KiennaP said...

huh, so you just kinda randomly got a cat? Cool, cute cat.

KiennaP said...

oh and hope your birthday was a good one~!