Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peppermints in the Christmas Tree

Remember when I made checkers for my checkerboard?  No?  Huh, maybe I haven't told you all about that yet.  Well, anyway, today I'm gonna talk about how I used the left over wooden circles. 

I had 13 and I painted them all white. 
 You can see my plans that I made before I started, along with part of a grocery list and some math I had been doing.

Then I drew pen on them to guide me to paint the red stripes.  They looked good enough to eat.  I decoupaged them for a little shine and to seal them. 

I got Derek to drill tiny holes in each one. 

I cut ribbon and burned the edges before putting it through the hole in each peppermint. 
Here are a couple on the tree.

I thought they turned out pretty good.  I know the pictures aren't great, but my flash was a bit too bright I think.  It always happens when I take a picture of something white, but I don't know enough about what I'm doing to adjust the flash. 

Like my tree?  I can't have any ornaments near the bottom because our cat, Penelope, likes to mess with them.

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greenolive said...

Yes! I like your tree and you stocking stand. Those ornaments are cool. You are very clever.