Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slow, but sure.

we are slowly, but surely moving things. derek took a bunch of boxes to our new apartment this morning and i need to fill more so he can take those. we are going to wait until we get some help for the big things. we'll probably get derek's parents or my parents to help us and maybe some people from church. i just need to get everything in boxes. it will be nice to move and just unpack. that is a lot more fun. i love to organize things, although most people might not think that is so. it will be nice to have all the things in their places, at least for a little while. i will have more closets and my own bathroom separate from the kids bathroom. i can have their little potty seat on the toilet all the time and have a little stool so that they can reach the sink. it will be nice to have my own bathroom. well, i'll still have to share with derek, but that will be okay. i'm also going to have the kids bedroom be separate from their playroom. that will make it easier on me because they just won't be in their bedroom during the day. right now their bedroom looks like it was hit by a tornado. the beds are all over the place because i don't have the energy to put them back together several times a day. i need to get a couple more small toy bins. i plan on having a bin for all andrew's train things and a bin for stuffed animals and baby dolls and a bin for legos and other blocks and then a bin for books. i only have two little bins now, but hopefully i can find similar ones if not the same ones. i also think that it will be easier for me to keep this new apt clean because i won't be so hot all the time. i'll still be tired, but at least i won't be sweaty. derek's parents or giving the kids some twin size beds. emmy's will be green and andrew's will be yellow. it will be nice to have big beds that they can grow with. i'll have to get another one later for the next baby, but that is a while down the road. she'll be in a crib for the first year in my bedroom and then will share a room with emmy, but will probably have a little bed at first. so that's my plan so far. we'll see what develops once we are in there for good. i hope that this move will be really good for us.

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