Thursday, June 5, 2008

andrew's teeth

so, apparently i'm not brushing andrew's teeth correctly. we went to the dentist to have his mouth checked out because of the tooth that is hurting him and they found six cavities. i knew he had at least one, maybe two, but not six! what?! andrew loves to brush his teeth, so it isn't hard to get him to do it, but i guess i haven't been doing it good enough. so the lady was showing me how to do andrews teeth at home. so, on the 17th of this month he going to go to a surgery hospital and get totally put under while the pull that tooth and put two fillings in and four crowns on. i'm so glad that he will be knocked out. i had better get emmy in there for a checkup sometime soon so that the same thing doesn't happen to her. i really liked that dentists' office. we saw a woman, dr yen, and she seemed really nice and the lady who did the initial cleaning was really friendly and was talking to andrew about trains and kept him somewhat calm. it was funny because she had her finger and a toothbrush in his mouth and he was trying to talk. it was just like when your watching a movie or tv show with a dentist in it and the patients are trying to talk, but you can't understand a word. so funny.


Emily said...

You need to blog more!!!!

The Pantiman said...

the thing about good to them or you'll lose 'em. anyway, good parenting skills. i'll be sure to nominate you for the mother-of-the-year award. Maybe that will trump my letting the kids eat pie for dinner!