Tuesday, August 5, 2008

this morning

so i think that i'm slowly going crazy. hmmm, maybe not crazy, just more forgetful. yesterday i asked derek when his next day off was and he said tomorrow, meaning today. well, this morning i kept thinking "why is derek just piddling around instead of getting ready for work?" soon, after he was "supposed" to be at work i realized that he has the day off. HELLO! i knew that already. people say that i can't remember anything because i'm pregnant. i think it's just because of the sleep deprivation that i'm experiencing. i can't seem to find a comfortable way to sleep and also, at least one kid comes into our bed during the night to cuddle up. usually it's andrew, but last night it was both kids. emmy seemed hot to the touch so we gave her some tylenol and said a prayer for her. this morning she seems just fine. she ate cereal for breakfast. she's been playing with andrew and me this morning, except for right now. she's crying because we took her brush away. it's an old paddle brush that i used to use, but now she can play with it. she decided to hit me with it so andrew took it away from her and told her not to hit me. it was really cute of him to do that. i love my little boy. well, i love my little girl, too.


EmmaP said...

i guess if you parented your own kids - they wouldn't have to parent each other! HAHAHA! Just kidding! that was a cute story!

greenolive said...

Paddle brushed give me the creeps! Way to go Andrew!