Thursday, November 13, 2008

condensed vegas trip deets

well, we're back home now. the kids are clinging to us. it's nice. i thought that emmy would be really mad at us and not talk to us or look at us. i've seen her do that with other people, so i was a little worried. andrew had no problem welcoming us back. it's nice to be home in familiar surroundings and people and away from all the business of las vegas. we had fun. we went to the bellagio because that's where the convention was. i didn't go to the classes and at one point i just sat in a chair fro about an hour or so by myself. tony finagled a badge for me so that i was able to go to the vendor expo and we were fed buffet style, plus vendors had samplas and there was an open bar. needless to say, i had lots of cranberry juice and sprite. there were even magicians who would come to the tables and do slight of hand for us at our tables. one guy was so good! he asked me what my favorite card was and i told him queen of clubs. apparently he knew we were going to meet and what card i would say was my favorite since he had the queen of clubs in his wallet. later he made a mistake we thought when derek picked the ten of diamonds out of the deck. the magician pulled a three of diamonds partway out of his pocket. i felt bad for him because we had messed up. derek told him it was the wrong card and the man asked what card derek had pulled. then he started to pull the card more out of his pocket and it just kept going till there were ten diamonds on it and the number ten at the bottom. then he pulled out a huge ten of diamonds card. it was awesome! we are all blown away. he was really good. he was even lighting things on fire and he turned a bunch of loose pearls into a poodle. anyway, the next day they had breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided for us. they were really good meals. yesterday was our last day in vegas and we just played around. we went on a spongebob ride and a roller coaster and watched acrobats at the circus circus, and then we went to the new york new york and tony and michelle went on the roller coaster there. we also went to the mgm and ate at the rainforest café. i'd never been to one of those before, but it was really neat. afterwards we spent about an hour in the gift shop there. then we went to the m&m store. it had 4 stories! more m&m stuff than i'd ever seen! anyway, we had fun. we got home today and the kids were really glad to see us.


EmmaP said...

sounds like fun!!!

okeydokeyifine said...

So I get this call at work asking if I could talk to Emmy. She was sobbing on the phone. I heard you say that Gram cannot understand you when you are crying. So Emmy calmed down a little and we "talked". Then she was done. It was sooooo cute. I love the fact that we are always just a phone call away.

And for others who may read this... Emmy had to call a lot of people. She just wanted to Reach out and Touch someone. Several someones.

Glad you are home. How did the fancy dressed dinner turn out?

Laurie said...

Finally I found you!

Sounds like you had fun in Vegas--isn't it funny how good buffet food can be? And if you did anything really crazy, I guess it stayed in Vegas. :)

Puphigirl said...

Don't ya just love M&M world. When I was there I felt like a kid in a candy store.