Monday, November 17, 2008

people bashing

so i went to church yesterday and there was a new lady there. i didn't talk to her because
1. i didn't even know she was there till they pointed her out in the room and she was about 4 rows back, and
2. when i had the chance i was so busy getting my roles back from primary and young women's.
anyway, i don't even know her name. i'm sure she said it, because she said something which i apparently wasn't listening to because then she says how glad she is that we understand big words in this ward. apparently (according to her) the ward in the south that she went to before couldn't understand big words. now i don't know what big words were said that we understood, but it was just really awkward. so the rs pres just said "okay" and started going on with her announcements. now i'm not saying that my ward is super smart, but i would never want to call another ward stupid. i was totally blown away by this woman's ward bashing. i guess she feels that it doesn't matter because she lives so far away from there and they are never gonnna know what she said, but really. let's be nice to people who can't defend themselves. of course, maybe i'm doing just that, but at least i'm directing it at one person and not generalizing a whole group of people.


EmmaP said...

what an odd thing to say - and at church too! WEIRD!!!

hmmm... reminds me of a few people in past wards... but hey - i'm not gonna bash, remember?

haha! - my word verification below is "manly".. perhaps i need something manly right about now [blush]!

Puphigirl said...

maybe it's not just that they don't understand big words, but that she is throwing around big words to showcase her smartness. People need to get over themselves. "Can't we all just get along?"

Duke said...

I know who your talking about and I feel the exaclty the same way about her. She commented throughout sunday shcool and RS and eachtime she said something I just didnt' want to listen cause I was worried it would be something negative.

How sad to start off a new ward that way.

Laurie said...

Wow, and I thought all the funny stuff happened in Primary.