Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays!

well, i guess it's time for another update. not much has been going on. i've gotten some more gifts done. when i'm all done making things i will divvy them up as i see fit. i was telling a sister about the things i'm doing and she commented on how i was not giving everybody the same thing. she seemed surprised, but okay with it. i'm not giving her anything, though. she lives too far away and i don't want to mail anything. luckily, i was assigned to give a gift to the sister who lives near me.

i tried to get my family to stop drawing names this year, but i was overruled. not out voted, overruled. not that i think we shouldn't give gifts, i think we should just stop assigning it. that's how we're doing it in derek's family. i don't have to give a present to everybody, and i'm not expecting a present from everybody. i know that i will get something. a few people have already told me what they are doing, so i'm expecting something.

this year christmas will be very busy. we will wake up and open presents here at home, then go to my parents' house and open gifts, and then go to derek's parents' house and open gifts. usually we don't go to my parents' house, but this year my brother is coming and my mom wants us to be there. we were going to open presents with them on boxing day, but derek has to work.

anyway, i've got all the presents that we're giving the kids wrapped and under the tree. they are leaving them alone, which is good. they'll both get something that they really wanted. emmy is getting a tea set and doll, and andrew is getting a talking thomas and star wars blaster. they will also get a video and they can open their jammies on christmas eve.

christmas eve we are going to a birthday party. i've been assigned to bring the relish tray. that's easy enough. that's something i enjoy because i don't have to cook and keep something warm to take. cold things are much easier to transport.

well, that's all for now. i'll try to post more often.


Puphigirl said...

I don't mind drawing names for Christmas, that way at least everyone gets something. But I also like to get additional things without expecting things in return. Like my kids got each of their cousins something. Well, I bought it, wrapped, and mailed it, but the tags say it's from my kids.

greenolive said...

I don't mind drawing names but sometimes I get stumped about what to get that person. Like this year, I have no idea if the name I drew likes the gifts they got. I kind of gave them something I was interested in and I didn't get to see their reaction so that is sort of stinky.

okeydokeyifine said...

I saw their reaction and it was in the affirmative. A lots of oohs and ahhs if I remember right.

Emily said...

I'm really glad the Coltrin side stopped drawing names... It was fun last year, but I really enjoy getting something at least for the family. When are you blogging about the walmart thing. that was SO funny!!!!!

Ruthykins said...

alright, i'll tell the story.

EmmaP said...

i like drawing names. I mean, if I could I would get something for EVERYONE. some years I might do something tiny for every one. But I sort of like to get something special for the one person. And then on the tight years, I don't feel bad if I don't get something for everyone (not that anyone makes me feel bad).

My neighbor across the street, they don't "draw names". It actually IS assigned. There is some sort of rotation thing, and everyone always knows who everyone else has.

anyway, it's tradition... soo...

Just kidding. If everyone really wanted to do away with it, I guess I would be ok with it. I mean, I'd live. :)

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