Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Traditions at Christmas

who'll stand under the mistletoe with me?
who, who will come hither?
who, who will it be?

with a hey diddley-hi
and a hey diddley-hoo
i'll stand under the mistletoe with you!

everytime we hang mistletoe i sing this song. i haven't hung mistletoe in years, but greenolive reminded me about this song and i realized i'd been forgetting the mistletoe. unfortunately, i don't know where to buy it. growing up we had fake so we never had to buy it. in college people sold it door to door. now, i'm gonna have to do some research to find a local place to buy mistletoe. i wonder if there are any other traditions i've been forgetting.
on another note, i've moved our stockings. they were hanging from the key holder, since i had no where else to hang them.
so my dad built a stocking holder for us using some wood and stuff he had just hanging around. now the stockings are with the tree.
now, here are some cute pictures of the kids.


Puphigirl said...

A few years ago, the place where we bought our live tree was also selling real mistletoe. I think that was the only year I've hung mistletoe.

EmmaP said...

nice stocking rack, or whatever you call it. did you make the stockings?

and is that even a real song? i always thought it was some crazy tune the ol' lady made up; yknow, like "wake up! you sleepy head! C'mon! C'mon! Get Outta bed! Didn't you hear what your mother said? Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!" hahaha!

By the way - you used the word "druther" in a comment on my post the other day! was that purely to annoy me? i about keeled over... "I'd druther"? instead of "I'd Rather"??? Seriously? for shame...

and lastly - sorry you're still sore about having to draw names (not really) but maybe you'll get over it soon (not likely) and just know it wasn't ME that tried to overturn your vote (not mostly, anyway... i only chimed in after 2 others said something).

'nuff said. :)

greenolive said...

if you do find a place that sells mistletoe let me know and if you can find someone who sells a green pickle ornament let me know that too.

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