Sunday, April 4, 2010

Andrew Turned 5!

our little boy turned 5 today! we went to nana and grampa's house. they are derek's parents. my parents: gram and grandad, aunt heather and uncle dan, uncle ira and aunt emily, and uncle kurtis and his girlfriend: jenny also came. we ate ham and mashed potatoes. aunt emily made these dinosaurs for andrew. he was very excited.

the striped one is daddy and the plaid type one is andrew.

here's emmy with auntie heather. you might remember her from the interview in my last blog.

here's andrew and daddy. andrew is wearing the outfit that heather and dan gave him as a present.


greenolive said...

Wow years old!! Happy Birthday Andrew!

Puphigirl said...

He's a big boy now.

EmmaP said...

Emily -- I'd like some dinosaurs too please :)

Duke said...

Happy birthday Andrew!!!! I can't believe our kids are five Ruth...just insane!