Saturday, July 3, 2010

At the Movies

okay, so i was on facebook earlier today and a friend was talking about a movie that she went to see. i also saw this movie. it's PG-13, and has some scary images and violence. no swearing, no sex. i don't mind violence, but i hate swearing and nudity. it'll ruin movies for me. anyway, the thing is, she couldn't believe that some people brought their little kids to the movies. when i went, one lady had a baby. it cried sometimes. i didn't mind the baby and i could understand why she brought it. for one thing, it won't be scared by the movie. it probably slept most of the time. however, there was a little 2? yr old girl running around. the running around didn't bother me, but i don't think she should have been there. i think the movie should have been to scary for her. i wouldn't even think about taking my kids to a movie like that. i only take them to kids' movies. i think that the parents should have found a way to not bring their kids. when my son was a newborn one of the star wars movies came out in theaters. my husband and i wanted to go see it, but we didn't want to take andrew. we traded kids with my sister. she kept andrew and we took her two sons to the movie. it worked out great. i don't think anybody is so friendless they can't find a way to leave little kids with someone. i just was surprised. oh, and when we went to star wars that one time there was a little kid behind us that was so loud and kept hitting derek's chair. it was very annoying. and that was PG-13, too. the kid was probably four. anyway, if i can't find a way to not take my kids to the movies, then i don't go. that's all i'm saying. of course that also means that i don't get to go to the movies very often.


jessiewessie said...

Amen sista. Besides, why would you want to spend money on a movie for your kid that they won't even enjoy? I only have taken my kids to the disney/pixar shows where kids are expected and then I don't have to feel too guilty if they are a little noisy.

Deborah said...

I have to say I agree. First of all, I think movies are too loud for me sometimes, much less a baby. And I totally agree about older kids and PG-13 movies. They don't need to be exposed to stuff like that; they pick up on things we don't realize.

Erica said...

I totally agree!!

I get so fried when I see kids in a movie which isn't kid friendly!

Seriously, do you think Hannibal is an appropriate choice for your 5 yr old?
I wish they wouldn't allow small kids into a movie w/ any adult content. Some kids parents are such idiots!

EmmaP said...

while i did take my kids to many family friendly movies, there were some I took Keenan to when he was about 4 or 5. Such as Independence Day or Men in Black. He has always loved movies and especially ones with a little bit of Sci-Fi. That being said, I still paid attention to the reviews carefully for type of content. Also, I think it depends on the child. With Keenan, he was alway well-mannered and knew the difference between fantasy and reality. Also, he would really get into the movies. I know some parents that only ever let their kids watch cartoons, and then as the kid gets older, they can't sit and watch a non-cartoon show. Anyway, with Kadin, I would have never taken him to anything like even Men in Black until he was 8ish. Mainly because he was my kid with night terrors. Lots of action and/or suspense would have probably frightened him more or added to the bad dreams. Also, he did not have the attention span for something like that. He was more of a Dr. Doolittle or Spy Kids type family feature film kid. When Kienna was a baby, one of the Star Wars movies was coming out. The boys really wanted to see it. Kienna was little enough to not even know what was going on, but yet, I didn't want to take her if she ended up crying. To add fuel to the fire, we were brand new to our apartment complex and didn't know anyone. Also, with no family living near me, there simply wasn't anyone that I could think of or would trust to watch a 2 month old. So, we opted to wait until it came to the Dollar Theater. I also had little earmuffs for her to help mute the sound. But I figure, if she did cry, and I had to take her out, it was only my ticket ($1) that was lost. She actually did sleep through most of it and it was a nice family film.

Ok -- this is long, but another time, I really wanted to see a movie and I wanted to go for out anniversary. Kienna was a little bit older than, but too old to probably sit through something like that. It was a war movie with lots of "realistic" shots. She was older by then and I did find a babysitter for the kids. Oh, and it was also a LONG movie, like 2 1/2 hours. We went to the show and I was surprised at how many parents had toddlers there. One kid would actually cry (he was about two), "No! Why are the shooting!!! They are going to get dead! That man is going to get dead!" and then he would scream really loud. The first time, the audience sort of half-chuckled and the parents seemed pleased, like, "isn't he adorable?" But then the audience realized this was going to happen every few minutes. It made the entire movie experience really awful.

When I was in the Philippines, they adhere to the ratings. Meaning, "G" means "General Admission", "PG" means no kids under 5 without parents (can't just drop the kids off and leave), and "PG-13" means absolutely NO kids under 13 admitted without parents at the matinee and no kids under 13 AT.ALL. at the evening shows and "R" means no one under 18 AT.ALL. I don't know if it was just that particular theater, or if it is like that everywhere, but thems the rules :)

EmmaP said...
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