Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Some Random Thoughts

i hate not knowing things when i know there are things to be known. right? i hate when someone tells me that there will be some kind of surprise, but i have to wait. just don't tell me anything to begin with, please.

so, the other day i went to my friend's house with my sister and we got a lot of rhubarb. i used my recipe for apple crisp and made rhubarb crisp. it was so good. the stalks of rhubarb were so big i only cut up three and they filled my pan. i was afraid i wouldn't have enough room for the topping. i was happy that i got it all in there.

this morning i was hanging out on youtube and i watched all these cool videos of dancers. mostly it was guys doing pop and lock, or liquid dancing. i was trying to find futterwackin', but i didn't have much luck. anyway, some of it reminded me of some dancing my nephew did in a movie he made. i find the video to be kinda cute, but i know the creator. apparently he was helping a friend of his with his homework assignment.

here it is.

anyway, if you don't want to watch the whole video just skip to 3:15 and watch the dancing. i don't know who the white boy is, but my nephew is the dancer wearing the hoodie and the other dancer is his uncle. i thought it was really cool. i didn't know my nephew could dance like that.


greenolive said...

Well the boys liked it. I did too.

Duke said...

I agree with you about surprises....I'd rather not know and be completely surprised!

like the dancing...pretty cool.

EmmaP said...

i hate not knowing what surprise you ended up with... TELL!!!

and did you tell keenan you posted this? he'll be thrilled!

Ruthykins said...

i haven't gotten the surprise yet. i'm still waiting to find out what it is!