Friday, September 17, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

i made fried green tomatoes today. i found a really easy recipe online and it had the only ingredient that i knew should be in it: bacon grease. i cooked all my bacon to get enough grease and i coated my tomato slices with the cornmeal and pepper and fried them up. i think they taste okay by themselves, but i like them with ketchup. is it weird to put ketchup on a tomato?


Deborah said...

That's not weird. It's like putting whipped cream on ice cream, or cream of chicken on chicken. All of the above sounds tasty, by the way.

KiennaP said...

Sounds yummy! It's like dipping peanuts in peanut butter! I don't do that, but I know a few people who do that. Oh, by the way, had fun seeing you on the vacation to Nevada, and also, I like your blog's background!

EmmaP said...

I have seen fried green tomatoes but never tried any... post the *exact* recipe or link??? thanks!