Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love

my friend, deborah, had a list on her blog of things that she loves. i really liked the idea, so i took it and made my own list.

I Love...
1. my husband, derek. he is the best.
2. my son, andy. he is so sweet.
3. my daughter, emmy. she is so helpful.
4. my angel, mary. i know she's watching over me.
5. my extended family.
6. making crafts.
7. going for a drive. i don't get to do this anymore because gas is too expensive to waste.
8. lemon anything. i love the smell, taste, look...
9. getting my hair done at a salon
10. watching movies with friends or alone
11. talking through movies we've seen a hundred times
12. going to church
13. reading silly romance novels.
14. eating popcorn.
15. making lists
16. being cool in the eyes of a child.
17. talking to a girl friend for hours
18. playing card games or board games
19. seeing my children grow and become more independent.
20. doodling


Deborah said...

I am such a doodler. I can't have a piece of paper and pen and not doodle. When I was in college I'd doodle during class while taking notes, and when I looked back at my doodles, I'd remember when the professor was talking about while I doodled. Kinda funny, actually.

Puphigirl said...

When I saw your title I thought of the song with the lyrics "I love little baby ducks"

EmmaP said...

i doodle all of the time. in fact, i can't "listen" if i don't doodle.

i need to go and get my hair done sooo bad. i like to go to this one girl but i have no $$$ and the last time i had my hair done was at the beginning of summer! doh! I *DO* have a $50 gift certificate for a different salon... mebbe i will have to go there just this once.