Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk or Treat

here's the kids right before we left for the party last night. perseus and andromeda. i made andy's tunic and cloak, and my mom and dad make his accessories. derek's mom made emmy's outfit and i made her beaded headband. i thought they looked pretty good.

and now, for some of my favorites at the party. what can i say, i'm a big star wars nerd.
here's my friend with her son dressed as wickett.

and of course i had to snap a picture of yoda and luke. these two are the younger siblings of my friend maura.

there were lots of great costumes, but these were my favorites. once again, i did not dress up.


Maura said...

My siblings are so cute!

I love Andrew and Emmy's outfits. so creative. We store bought ours. I wish I had enough time to make them some. :)

It was nice seeing time we'll have to chat more!

Tiff said...

Cute! I love homemade costumes!

Aw I like that little ewok...he's so grumpy faced :)

Deborah said...

Last year you took pics of Rebekah and Eric as Star Trek characters. This year it's Alexander and JadaLynn. I'm so glad you do though, otherwhise I'd never see them. My family is not what you'd call good at taking and sending pics :)

Good job on the costumes! And thanks for clarifying which new "Perseus" you meant. I thought you were talking about Percy Jackson ;)

EmmaP said...

grr... dress up next time.

Puphigirl said...

why didn't you dress up?