Friday, November 5, 2010

All About Andy

yesterday morning, derek and i went to andy's parent teacher conference. he's doing pretty good. his best subject is math. the teacher said that his behavior has improved so much and she was really happy with his progress. we thought that was pretty nice. after the conference andy had class. the rest of the day went pretty normally until the evening. andy and emmy were in his room playing on his bed. they told me that he was trying to jump on emmy, but he hit his head on the bedpost. he got a gash that started bleeding. once i got a good look at it i decided that he might need stitches. we went to the ER. it took forever! actually, three hours. they ended up not doing stitches, they used some kind of glue. the reason it took so long was that they were really busy and andy was lower on the list of priorities. once we were done we went up the third floor to the rehab unit to visit my mom. i knew she'd be working. at first when she saw us she smiled. then she saw the band aid and her look turned to concern. andy told her what happened. we didn't stay too many minutes, since she needed to care for patients. oh, i guess i should explain about emmy. she was with us when we went to the hospital. derek called while we were in the waiting room and thought that he could hear in my voice that emmy was being naughty. he called his mom, and she came and got emmy. i was so glad.


Maura said...

Don't you love it when husbands can read what your saying with out you saying it. :)

sorry about Andrew...hope he's better soon.

EmmaP said...

unless i am drugged or the attending [physician, intern, male nurse, etc] is a hottie, i would prefer not to go to the ER, thank you very much.

Kienna got a gash in the crease of her eye. luckily they were still able to use the glue. the scar is barely noticeable. glad he is ok.

yu said...

I hope you'll have a good luck.
I'm always with you.