Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Lights

the day after thanksgiving is the day i put up my christmas tree. i started with the lights, then the i did the garland and all the other ornaments. after i was all done i plugged in the lights and they didn't work. i was so upset. i then plugged them into different outlets and still they didn't work. so irritating. i carefully removed them and chucked them out. derek got me twice as many lights. i just finished putting them on the tree. of course i tested them beforehand. i'll never forget to test them first thing from now on.


Puphigirl said...

I always test before putting them on. I hate having to redo the lights once I've gotten them on the tree.

Maura said...

oh how frustrating! glad you got the tree up. Brian had one of those trees with the lights already in it. works for me.

EmmaP said...

that happened to me last year. except it is a pre-lit tree. Ugh... cutting off all the old lights. I think the whole "trim-the-tree" experience took me FIVE HOURS!!!