Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April!

yay! warm weather! we've gone to the park two days in a row. yesterday andy was so worn out he went to bed an hour early. he woke this morning saying he was tired. hmm, maybe we over did it. anyway, i love not needing to wear a coat, and i love wearing capri pants. now i just need to get a new pair of sandals. andy also needs sandals, but emmy doesn't. the ones she got last year still fit her.

i'm also looking forward to yard sales! i'm hoping to find an old desk phone.
we had one like this when i was a kid. it was a beige color and was in my mom and dad's room. i want to put it on the little table in my living room. i have a phone there now, but the base is so light it falls off every time i pick up the phone. so irritating. plus i like having the buttons away from my face so i don't accidentally hit them while i'm talking.

anyway, i'm glad spring has sprung. andy's birthday is this monday. we're having a birthday dinner for him on sunday and on monday he's gonna take some cupcakes to school with him. i'm gonna try to make the cupcake cones that i loved as a kid.
i hope they turn out right.


Maura said...

I'm excited for spring too! It was soo warm yesterday. I had to open all the doors when I got home. I felt good to have the light breeze and fresh smell come through. :)

Cute cupcakes! can you believe our kids are getting so big?!

Emily said...

I think I saw a phone like this at DI tonight...I can't remember. LAME Huh! I'll look again the next time I go. I like it when you put pictures up!

Puphigirl said...

Ooh, maybe try to find an avocado green phone.

jessiewessie said...

I made those a few years ago and they were just as yummy as I remembered them.

EmmaP said...

Are you guys allowed to take homemade treats to school? Utah schools do only allow prepackaged treats because they are paranoid about Hepatitis B. Just curious.

Ruthykins said...

we can take homemade treats