Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shipping Costs

i was on amazon tonight looking up a book i'd like to get: the wonderful flight to the mushroom planet.

i found some for really cheap. 1¢. of course shipping cost was almost $4. i mean, how much can it really cost to ship? that is where they make all their money i guess.

on a side note, my birthday is coming up.


KiennaP said...

Did you already get the book? Or is this a hint on what you want for your birthday??? Tehe

jessiewessie said...

You need to sign up for Amazon Moms or Amazon Prime. It doesn't cost anything and you can always cancel it. Look into it. It's how we get tons of stuff shipped free two day.

Ruthykins said...

kienna, i was hinting. jessie, i will definitely need to look into that