Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Bird with a Yellow Bill

Emmy was helping me clean out the car today. We went inside when we were done, but I had forgotten to take all the loose change out of the cup holder. When I went back out to get it I saw a bird sitting very still on the rocks next to the sidewalk. I was surprised it hadn't flown off. On my way back to my apartment it still didn't budge. I got a piece of bread, the camera, and Emmy and went back outside. It didn't eat any of the bread, but it still didn't fly away. I let Emmy pet it after I did. I even picked it up. I've never seen a bird do that. Finally the bird hopped away and we went back inside.

That's my hand in the picture. I thought it would be cool for Emmy to see some nature up close, but I was pretty wary of her getting too close.

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greenolive said...

Poor little birdie. Maybe he doesn't know how to fly.