Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've passed my fear of spiders on to my kids, Emmy more so than Andrew. Today Emmy was in her room and she locked the door. She started screaming and crying. Andrew and I told her she needed to unlock the door, but she was too scared to walk past the spider. Finally she was gonna let Andrew in. He came into the living room to get a shoe to smoosh it. As he was running back to Emmy's room he started singing in own hero theme song. I couldn't help but laugh. Emmy let him in and he killed the bug and I heard Emmy sing "Hero of the day! Saved my life, saved my life". It was so hilarious! I love that they get to have all these little adventures. I'm also glad that Andrew took care of it so that I wouldn't have to.


EmmaP said...

a small spider? I mean - it is a bug, right? and you can overpower it. Now snakes on other hand... eww!

j/k... we all have our fears I suppose.

Maura said...

Go Andrew!!! and I hate spiders too