Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Field Trip?

Yes, another field trip. This time I went to the pumpkin patch with Emmy's class. We started off in the classroom for breakfast.

Then we loaded up on the bus.

When we got to the pumpkin patch the first thing we did was go on a hayride.

We rode all around the pumpkin fields.

Next we played by the barn.

When we went into the barn the kids got to do a small craft

and listen to a story called "Too Many Pumpkins." We sat in a barn stall while the lady read to us.

The we got to go back and play some more in the yard in front of the barn. They had bean bag toss games, sling shot games, a teepee, a shed full of dried corn kernels with buckets and shovels, and a hay maze. I really enjoyed the maze.

Then we got to see a lot of the animals on the farm. Some of the goats liked to do tricks.

The teacher's husband got everyone a little goat-feed so the kids could feed the goats. Emmy wasn't scared at all.

They also had cows, pigs, emus, a llama, a yak, a kak (cow-yak mix), and horses. I saw a couple rabbits running around, too.
The last animals we saw were the chickens.

The lady tour guide went into the chicken coup. She showed us the different colored eggs. There were white, brown, and a sort of off white. She accidentally dropped an egg and the chickens all scrambled to eat up the innards. I was surprised the chickens would eat that.

Then the lady brought a chicken out and let the kids pet her.

Then we all got to go into the pumpkin fields and pick out our own pumpkins.

Then back on the bus. I got a pumpkin, too.

Emmy wanted her friend to sit with us on the way back. She talks about this boy at home a lot.


epiblogue said...

ahh, Emmy's first boyfriend. It looks like all had a fun time. Where was the pumpkmin patch?

Ruthykins said...

somewhere in Spanish Springs. The Andelin Family Farm. it costs $5 unless you're less than a year old, then it's free. I think that's right.

Maura said...

fun fun. Love this time of year!

Anonymous said...

no boyfriends!!! None Zip Zero Nadda

EmmaP said...

Looks like fun! We have an awesome pumpkin patch (farm) here too. btw, I love Emmy's hair!