Monday, October 24, 2011

Haunted House

Yesterday, the kids and I went to a haunted house at the mall. It was pretty cool. They tamed it down for kids, which is the only reason we went. Emmy didn't want to go in, but I made her. I probably shouldn't have since she was so scared she wanted me to hold her the whole time. At first that was okay, but after a while my arm really started to hurt. Most of the workers were dressed in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes, but there was also a pirate and a gorilla man. Before we went into the haunted house Andrew got to pet the Pirate's birds. Grampa told me they were a macaw and a cockatoo. Grampa was there taking pictures for people, so we got one of Andrew with the pirate and his macaw. The kids kept calling the guy Jack Sparrow.

Then we were waiting in line to get into the haunted area. The Queen of Hearts came and talked to Emmy. Nana was out there helping Grampa and told the girl that Emmy is gonna be Alice for Halloween. Emmy thought the queen was pretty cool. After we went all through the scary house we came out and there was the Queen again, so we got a picture with her, too.

I had a lot of fun, but that house would be really super scary on a regular night.


EmmaP said...

that is cool they had other types of characters like pirates and the queen of hearts; not just scary ones. I think that is cool for the little kids. looks like they had fun.

okeydokeyifine said...

So did Emmy have a fun time after all?

Ruthykins said...

she had fun during the puppet show and outside the house, but not inside most of it.

KiennaP said...

Yeah, looks like they had a good time over all then. Cool that Andrew got to pet the birds.