Thursday, May 29, 2008

hotdogs and noodles

my kids like hotdogs and noodles. you know what that means. we're having mac and cheese and hotdogs for lunch today! they are drinking elmo water, which is actually floridated water with elmo and big bird on the bottle. emmy likes it so it's an easy way to get her to drink water. andrew is a big water drinker. i'm mostly a lemonade drinker. i'm a corn eater, too. emmy LOVES corn. she had corn on the cob yesterday and really cleaned that cob off. that was at lunch. at dinner she had creamed corn. obviously she also ate some other things as well, but she really goes to town on corn. she has hoosier in her blood i guess. we're gonna have a baby in september. we are pretty excited. after that baby we are done. no more kids. three is plenty for me. i think it's plenty for my husband, too. this one is supposedly another girl which is just fine with us. that will be one boy and two girls. i'm glad my son is the oldest. hopefully he'll look out for his two little sisters as they all get older.

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Emily said...

I love your blog!!!!